Lyft Coupon Code – Updated and Working Promo Codes

Whether you’re having a night out with your buddies, a student who just needs a quick ride to campus, or someone living in an urban area where cars can be difficult to store and use, Lyft may have crossed your mind more than once. A ridesharing program similar in many respects to its competitor Uber, Lyft allows those without cars to set up rides with people who don’t mind sharing a bit of cabin space. With the increased popularity of this program, one may think that deals are hard to come by to make the cheaper-than-a-taxi service even cheaper. Well, here we give a few coupon and promo codes to make Lyft even more affordable.

2017 Lyft Promo and Coupon Codes

To get the following savings, do the following. First, enter or use their app to sign into your account. Next, enter in the promo codes in the promo code panels. The 2017 coupon codes are found below:
GETT – Get $50 to use as a New Rider

LYFTNOW30C – Get a $50 ride credit after entering this code.

CSAVES – Get your first ride free with Lyft.
RIDEAPP2017 – Take $10 off you next Lyft ride.
RIDERSCOUPON – $5 off your next ride.
LYFTFRESHSUMMER – $5 credit towards your account.
2RIDES – 2 free rides with Lyft for new customers.

20LYFTPROMO – Get $2 off each ride for 10 rides.

NEWUSER10 – Get $5 off 2 rides as a new user.

LYFTCOUPON9 – Get a $3 credit for 3 rides as a new rider

One should keep in mind that sharing their own Lyft codes to new riders can also allow for more free rides, part of a social marketing campaign which can quickly add up in terms of savings. If one considers driving for Lyft, a similar program applies making you a few hundred dollars per recommendation depending on city. You can click here for any new discounts and offers.

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