NHL.com Coupon Code – Updated and Working Promo Codes

It’s well known that in the United States, there’s rarely a more crazed fanbase that one can encounter than those of the NHL Variety. Causing more than a handful of riots after playoffs both on and off the ice, wearing certain jersey’s can get you instant friends, or instantly kicked out of a bar. If you happen to enjoy hockey, you may want to buy a jersey or other gear and realize that the prices can be a bit steep. But what if you could get extra savings while supporting your favorite team? Here, we look at the newest updated coupon and promo codes for NHL.com so you can wear the official clothes at less than official prices.

2017 NHL.com Promo and Coupon Codes

To use these codes, take the following steps. First, go onto NHL.com and pick out what you want. Then, before you check out be sure to enter in the codes to get the extra savings. The codes currently available are below:

ITPAYS – If you use a Discover Card, you can get 10% off and get free shipping.

NHLCOUPON5 – Get an extra 5% off any order, including those on clearance and on sale.
EN8B9Y – Free shipping on any orders above $125.

These are currently the only available offers for NHL.com merchandise. Be sure to keep an eye out for special sales, as unlike many vendors it seems that most coupons for the NHL allow for the combination of both coupons and clearance prices. Signing up for emails also grants you another 10% off. For all current offers and discounts, click here.

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