Coupon Code January 2018 – Updated and Working Promo Codes

What’s worse than working on payroll? Having to pay too much to process payroll, of course. That’s where software programs like Gusto come in, making HR work and payroll much easier for a price.

Updated Gusto Promo and Coupon Codes – See Below

When looking for coupons and promo codes for Gusto, here’s a word of warning. A lot of places, primarily restaurants, use the name Gusto. It’s much like naming a business “Smith, inc.” as that can be a dairy, ironworks, a cleaning business and the like, and thus coupon codes can often be confusing for this business. However, here we cleared that up a little bit and can provide you some codes to help ease the cost of paying your employees.

Best Current Deal

$200 off + One Free Month: To automatically activate the coupon you need to click the link here.

We’ll be updating this post as new deals come out so the link above will be updated with the best current promotions, coupons codes and discounts to make sure you save the most money on your payroll as possible. Do you have any coupon or referral codes that you’d like to share? Feel free to share them below in the comments!

About Gusto

So what is Gusto? Some may be more familiar with the older name of the company, ZenPayroll, which had a good reputation for several years. Gusto is specifically designed for small to medium business owners, providing all the power that is usually reserved for big business in a smaller and cheaper package. Using primarily a web based format, you can track employee hours (though it doesn’t have a timecard function), integration with Quickbooks and Xero, as well as tools for worker’s comp and health benefits. Both year end W-2 and 1099’s are supported, as well as unlimited payroll uses, all for $29 per month plus an additional $6 per employee. This may seem steep, especially when first trying out the service, but this is offset by the fact that the first two months are free to try, and we have coupon codes below. Keep in mind this is a month to month service, so cancellation is quick and easy, though after giving it a try it’s unlikely you’d want to do so.