A-Rod Returns Wednesday


Do you remember the last time Alex Rodriguez stepped into a batter’s box? Most baseball fans don’t. A lot of time has passed and surprising things have happened since he left. The Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants won a championship, his team missed the playoffs both years and a new commissioner has taken the reigns of the league. Seems like forever.

He has served a year of drug suspension and has given the media a lot to talk about. From his home runs not being counted to his substance abuse. The man who many people dislike in baseball is back this Wednesday after 17 months of absence. He will bat at as designated hitter (DH) for two or three times against the Phillies in the spring training home opener.

”I’ll be a little nervous” A-Rod said Tuesday. His reason being is that he hasn’t been in front of his fans for a very long time. The question is, will they welcome him back with open arms? The crowd will not be very big since it’s a spring training game but we will see how they respond. In his minor appearances at practice, he has been applauded.

Manager Joe Girardi says he’s paid his time and that the people have to cheer for him. A little hard to do for hardcore fans but he thinks they’ll fall in love again after a few games.

The three time AL-MVP is owed around $61 million in his 3 seasons remaining. The team is stuck with him because the contract is too big to be moved so they plan on using him as DH and hopefully get some success out of it. A-Rod isn’t sure about how his new position will work out but he says he’s ready to give it a shot. The controversial man turns 40 years old in July and has not played a full season since 2007. He’s also had a couple of hip surgeries and other ailments.

Since returning from suspension, A-Rod seems to have changed his defiant attitude and apologized to the league about his investigation regarding substance abuse. He says he’s ready to move on and Yankees fans can only hope he provides the numbers he used to and help them get back to the playoffs. Are you happy to see him back? Should he get an asterisk next to his records? How do you think he will do this season?