Monday, June 5, 2023

Arrest of Drug Lords Won’t End Violence In Mexico

The Mexican police has been all over the news the last few days after capturing one of the most wanted drug lords in the country.

The leader of the drug cartel known as the Knights Templar, was arrested in Michoacan. The home of the most dangerous and brutal drug cartels.

As police intensifies the search for more members, in retaliation the killings and kidnappings have increased . A resident of the state was asked to describe what it’s like to live under the control of these cartels. He listed all the atrocities they commit at the expense of the citizens.

[quote_center]”Terror, extortion, murders, dismembered bodies, kidnappings, ‘protection tax’, raping women and children,” he said and claimed the government did not do anything to prevent such crimes from being committed. [/quote_center]


He also says, corruption exists at all levels in the Mexican government. There isn’t anywhere to go or denounce all these atrocities because they are all the same.

In his opinion, capturing these drug lords won’t change anything. If anything, it will increase the crimes all over the country. The residents of the area believe the captures are being done just to gain points for their candidates in the upcoming elections.

Even if their candidate doesn’t win, the new people elected will continue with the corruption. A new crime group will take over and just do the same thing that the previous groups have done.

The 43 Students

Mexico is still under fire for not doing enough in the case of the 43 missing students and protests have not ceased. The population is discontent, mainly with president Enrique Peña Nieto who has not taken serious action over the kidnappings.

The 43 missing students have not been found but prosecutors say the students were killed and their bodies burned. This makes it almost impossible to find evidence and remainings. The students from the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training College disappeared out of the blue after staging a protest.

Violence To Continue?

The capture of drug lords didn’t stop after the first major arrest. A few days later, a bigger drug lord was caught. This time in Monterrey.

A professor of religious studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and author of a book on the cult of Santa Muerte, believes the capture of these kingpins is a turning point for the country but the death of innocents will still happen.

New cartels will fight for power now that two of the biggest leaders have fallen. The reign of the ones captured will end but the violence and the rise of new crime groups is not over. We hope one day Mexico can solve these problems and give the families of the 43 missing students a version of what really happened that day.


Sean Farlow
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