Extra Perks of Apple Watch Edition

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The pure gold Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 – much more than any sport watch on the market now and far above the price of the regular stainless steel Watch. With that comes a few extra perks, fitting for a celebrity, or anyone wealthy enough to blow 10k on a watch. Sources fromĀ 9to5Mac say Apple is planning for much better service for those looking to buy the gold version of the new Watch set to release in April. They get to skip the queues every time they need help with their watch. When buying, they will have access to a VIP section with hour-long testing sessions instead of the regular 15-minutes with the common people. Did I mention they will have one-on-one expert advice in the VIP buying section? In case of any kind of technical trouble, Apple is planning to set up a dedicated Edition phone support line that runs 24/7, and purchasing an Edition watch gives you two years of that service. This level of personal catered service isn’t so uncommon in the luxury world. Concierge services and other support lines for expensive products are commonplace, but it’s interesting that Apple is joining this trend when it typically hasn’t done anything like it before. Granted, this is the first time Apple hasreleased a solid gold version of a normal product priced many thousands of dollars more than normal.

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Don’t worry those of you who can’t afford to throw $10,000 at a piece of wrist jewelry. Apple will also provide “virtual personal setup” for the stainless steel Watch or the Edition where a real person will guide you through setting up your fancy new gadget. But if you buy the Watch Sport, the much cheaper, smaller, and rubbery counterpart to the Watch and Edition, you don’t get any of these perks. The same help that is available for iPhone users now will be available for the Sport however. If you’re a big spender, you can now rest easy knowing you’ll be treated like it at Apple.

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