Floyd are you going to fight Manny? Manny are you going to fight Floyd? These two questions are the summary of boxing the past five years.  After hearing the same questions over and over again, two of the biggest boxers are ready to settle it out in the ring. Many people thought this wouldn’t happen.

Even as talks got stronger and stronger about a mega fight between the two, many fans and boxers were skeptical about the whole thing.

But an encounter at Nokia Theater on a cool, cloudy Wednesday changed things. The two stood eye to eye, living proof that there would be a mega fight after all.

Outside of Nokia Theater, fans took photos of the two stars and Pacman’s mother. Reporters were amazed at the sight and interviewed each other. Everyone in the venue had a big smile on their face as they left the place.

It was a day that many thought would never come. After many rumors of fights between the two the past five years, most had lost hope. Mayweather was a little different this time; he was respectful and had nothing bad to say about his Filipino rival.

“I think Manny is a very interesting fighter,” Mayweather said. “For him to get to where he’s gotten to, it’s obvious he had to do something right.”

The May 2 boxing match at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas is expected to break the most important records, including highest purses, most pay per view sales, largest gross and longest time to set up a fight. Ha!

Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, who knows Mayweather very well and promoted him when he was just an amateur, says this is not even close to being the greatest match of all time.

“As far as this being the biggest fight, that’s a silly question,” Arum said. “I remember back in ’71 when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought the first time. The whole country stopped. The world stopped. There were political implications. …If I only had Muhammad and Joe here with me today in their primes, how would they have done given the technological infrastructure we have in place now? It would have done great, it would have been tremendous.”

Even though this isn’t the greatest fight of all time to Arum, this will certainly be the best in recent years. These are clearly the best two fighters in the world, even when they’re a little past their prime. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is 47-0 with 26 knockouts and has been ranked number No.1 for years now. Pacman is 57-5-2 with 38 knockouts and has not looked as sharp as Floyd in recent fights, but is still the biggest threat to end his undefeated streak. Mayweather repeated over and over that this is the right time for the fight, but imagine if this match would’ve been done five years ago? Instant classic for sure. Maybe this one will be a classic, but will they give us a repeat if the fans ask for more?Epic fight