HBO Go blocked on the PS4 and PS3 by Comcast

Comcast is blocking the HBO Go streaming service on the PS4 users connected to a Comcast Xfinity internet connection.

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Comcast yet again proves to consumers why it was rated the worst company in the US.

Sony announced, to the pleasure of many, the arrival of the HBO Go streaming app for the PS4 earlier this week. For over a year now, Comcast has blocked the streaming of HBO Go on their Xfinity service for the PS3. With the arrival of HBO Go on the PS4, many had hoped that it would not have the same issue.

Unfortunately, these users have been sorely disappointed; the PS4 still cannot stream HBO Go while using Comcast Xfinity service. Meanwhile, not a single one of Comcast’s competitors enacts similar restrictions on their customers.

Comcast seems to still be trying to think of a good excuse for why they’re doing this, because they continue to offer a variety of reasons to justify it, none of which are satisfactory.

“HBO Go availability on PS3 (and some other devices) are business decisions and deal with business terms that have not yet been agreed to between the parties,” a spokesperson said on Comcast’s forums recently. “Thanks for your continued patience.”

Comcast does not need to have an agreement with Sony or HBO to allow their customers to stream from their service on Xfinity. Comcast’s job is to provide internet service to its customers, and currently they are restricting this access.

GameSpot contacted Comcast for comment, but they declined to offer a timeline for when HBO Go would be available on these platforms. Instead, Comcast recommends using their Xfinity set top boxes or Xfinity TV Go service to watch HBO. Not surprising when you realize these are services that they can make a profit off of.

While the PS4 may be the most recent incident of Comcast blocking HBO Go, it isn’t the first. Customers have been unable to access HBO Go from their PS3s and Amazon Fire TV for some time now, while it was blocked on the Roku until last December.

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