Hyundai’s Blue Link app gets updated for Android Wear

You can now issue commands to your Hyundai Blue Link equipped car directly from your wrist.

Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform allows features like remote start and service information to be accessed via one’s smartphone, remotely, via the Blue Link Android app. The app only requires a data connection so that it can talk to your Hyundai car, over the internet, to give it instructions or to read data.

BlueLink smartwatch app

Today, Hyundai released a previously announced update to its Blue Link app for Android, which bundles in an interface for your Android Wear smart watch. Hyundai owners no longer need to fish their smartphone out of their bag in order to find their car in a crowded parking lot, or to remotely start it to get the air conditioning going. Today, all you need is an Android Wear smartwatch paired via Bluetooth to your Android smartphone, and you can issue your commands to your car directly from your wrist. But wait! There’s more: If you don’t feel like using your fingers on the tiny screen, then Hyundai has built in a voice control function that you can use to control your car with your voice. Just think of how impressive that would be for your friends: your friend asks for you to unlock your car for him, and you just speak to your wrist “unlock my car” and your car is now unlocked for your friend. You can execute commands such as “start my car”, “lock my car”, and “find my car”, among others.

SOURCEHyundai News
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