Illegal Immigrants Getting More Managerial Jobs

The economy and businesses around the country are seeing a shift right now, in which more illegal immigrants are becoming managers than in years past. There is also a change in types of work illegal immigrants are doing, as they are moving up the business ladder, and less likely to be involved in traditional manual labor positions.

illegal worker businessA new Pew Research Poll shows that 13 percent of all illegal immigrants are holding management positions, which is up from 10 percent in the year 2007. Only 29 percent of illegal immigrants are into various construction or production positions. The most common production positions for illegal immigrants is machinist and garment worker, but in 2007 that number was 34 percent. So while it seems that there is still quite a large number of construction workers and production workers who are illegal immigrants, that number is going down thanks to the failure of American businesses when it comes to checking residency status of the more higher-paying job positions.

In 2003, only 3 out of every 10 illegal immigrants had been in the United States for over 10 years, but now that number is up to 6 out of every 10. This is in part due to illegals choosing to leave the country in bigger numbers than come into the country, which is partially due to the Great Recession of 2008. When the economy started on a downward spiral and jobs began to get scarce, the illegal immigrants began heading back to their country, which is Mexico in many cases. The estimates are that 1 million illegal immigrants left the country, but there is still about 11.2 million illegals within the country. Illegal immigrants equal up to 26 percent of all immigrants, and 3.5 percent of all United States residents.

In terms of management positions that the illegals are getting, most of them are working in food service, agriculture and farming. Some of the illegal immigrants are forging documents to get these higher paying positions, while others are finding companies that just don’t verify their information. Not all of the illegal immigrants that are here now were always illegal however, since some just let their work visa lapse, but that still technically counts them as illegal since it was not renewed. While it might seem like progress, a lot of illegal immigrants are still working in the job sectors that require little to know formal education.

The research also found that illegal immigrant men were also more likely to hold jobs than men in the United States that were born here legally. 91 percent of illegal immigrant men held jobs whereas only 79 percent of men that were born in the United States had jobs .However, 72 percent of women born in the United States were holding down jobs, but only 61 percent of illegal immigrant women had jobs. This leaves about 8.1 million illegal immigrants looking for jobs, which is about 5.1 percent of the civilian workforce. When it comes to where the illegal immigrants are working, Nevada, California, and Texas hold the top three spots. Most of the illegal immigrants are also living in these states as well, which means that American-born workers in these states are more likely to be out of work.

Since the economy is getting better slowly, there is likely going to be an influx of illegal immigrants coming back into the United States. This could be bad for American workers, especially men since this is the demographic that is out of work more often than the illegal counterparts. The fact that more illegal immigrants are also taking management positions also is bad for the younger generations, who are holding college degrees but unable to find jobs.

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Jeanne Rose
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