McDonald’s Posts 4 Percent Loss In US, Sales Down In February

In what might come as a bit of a shocker, McDonald’s had a horrible February showing, with sales in the US down 4%. Globally, sales were down over 1.7% and sales fell down even lower to 4.4% in the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.


Throughout the past couple years, McDonald’s has been seeing a decrease in overall sales, so the company began changing up the menu, remodeling old stores, and even trying to bring the focus towards healthier options at the often fat-laden establishment. CEO Steve Easterbrook has not been on the job very long, so this was the first report that has come out under his watch, which means the next couple months will be interesting to see how he manages this fairly significant decline of the company.

Although McDonald’s is trying to blame competition for this slump, most of the other competition has not seen this decrease at all, but that is partially due to other companies being willing to change for their customers. McDonald’s recently began promoting “antibiotic-free” chicken items, which moves them in the right direction considering many people now are looking for more natural or organic options on the menu. Between the chemicals and questionable ingredients plus the stories of items being found in the food that shouldn’t be there, McDonald’s is going to have to find a way to brand themselves as for the people. What is really interesting is that there has not been any same-store sales growth for McDonald’s in well over a year, with the US holding almost half of all McDonald’s stores. It might seem like McDonald’s is the classic American establishment, but the past few years in sales seem to indicate America is willing to walk away from this past time to find something more healthy and safe.

SOURCEYahoo Fianance
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