Minneapolis Coming to Monopoly This Fall

A new version of Monopoly will be coming out in the fall, and it will be featuring Minneapolis,MN, in the role of the Park Place. For people who have not played this game, Park Place is the second-most expensive property on the board. Park Place is only second to the Boardwalk, which will be portrayed by Pierre, South Dakota.

monopoly-monopoly gameHasbro held an online voting campaign to let America decide which city should take the number one spot and represent the Boardwalk. In fact, the online campaign went viral, and this lead to the South Dakota tourism department getting involved, as well as the mayor of Pierre, SD. Over 4 million people cast a ballot to help pick the number one location, so if you are wondering why a city with a population of 14,000 got this prestigious honor, you can thank the viral campaign and online voters.

In a kind of funny secondary part to how Minnesota fits into the new Monopoly game, Waconia, MN, which has a population of only 10,700 managed to get onto the board. This was due to a huge marketing campaign where Waconia was written into the ballot box. You might think this is a good thing, however, Waconia is taking place of Baltic Avenue, which is the second-cheapest property found on the Monopoly game board.

So on one hand, you have the second-most expensive property coming out of Minnesota, but you also have the second-cheapest property coming out of Minnesota as well. There will be 21 cities from all over the United States on the Monopoly board, so getting one on the board is already an accomplishment, but having two on the board is really amazing. You can look for the new Monopoly game this fall in nearly every retail store, so this would make a great Christmas gift for your loved ones just for the state pride aspect alone.