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Minnesota State Parks Without Visitors

When it comes to Minnesota State Parks, you might think that you have seen them all or have heard about them all before. Not so fast, there are actually a lot of beautiful state parks that people don’t even visit, and they all offer so many fun activities with beautiful wildlife and vegetation. Whether you want to stay for a campfire overnight or go hiking in the middle of the day, here are some of the state parks that people in Minnesota don’t visit nearly as often as they should.


The Lake Louise State Park is one of the oldest recreational areas in the state, with over 1,100-acres close to the Iowa border. A dam and a lake meet near the Upper Iowa River, which provides you with hours of beautiful and calm scenery. You can go swimming and camp in this area, as well as walk or bike among the various trails. There is even a horse camp in the area if you are an avid horseback rider, and it’s a place that barely anyone visits.

"Wildflower Trail"Plainview

Carley State Park is a small 209-acre park, where you can camp at over 20 different camp sites. This park is by the North Branch of the Whitewater River, which is a trout stream in the state of Minnesota. You will really enjoy the quite landscape, amazing scenery, and the tranquility of this area, and it’s a place that not that many people know about. Carley State Park, although not visited nearly often enough, is one of the best places you can take your family during the summer, especially if you have young boys who enjoy fishing.


In Sunburg there is a 152-acre plot of land that offers you various activities at the Monson Lake State Park. You can fish for panfish, bass, and walleye, and you can also camp near one of the 20 different drive-in campsites. The campsites all are first-come, first-served, but you will really enjoy the view while you are enjoying wildlife and the beauty of the Monson Lake State Park.


If you go to the Beaver Creek Valley State Park, you can visit the landscape and ravine in this awesome 1,200-acre park. You can fish all year long in this area, as well as head into a camping cabin that is open during various seasons. You will love the walk-in or drive-in campsites, and the trout here is simply the best if you are into fishing.


You will find the Franz Jevne State Park among this 88-acre lot, which is one of the smallest parks in the state. You can see the Canadian border if you go here, along with the Rainy River, and this is between Baudette and International Falls. You will be able to go to one of the hiking campsites or drive-in campsites, enjoy the view, and also get some peace and quiet.


Old Mill State Park, which offers swimming, campgrounds, and hiking trails is one of the most overlooked parks in the state. You will find this place in the northwest section of Minnesota, and it is spaced out over 408-acres. You will notice the old landscape and grist mill, which is used once a year to make flour. It is like you are traveling back in time and looking at the land before the settlers came in and took over, which gives this such a historic feel. You will love visiting this place the best because of the scenic landscape, and you really will feel like you are a part of something much bigger than you can even understand.

Little Falls

Charles Lindbergh, one of the most famous aviators in the world, grew up in a house around the state park, which was aptly named Charles A. Lindbergh State Park. You can get a boat into the Mississippi River at this location, and you can also go to Pike Creek. This is a 576-acre park that has over 43 different drive-in campgrounds, two different cart-in sites, and one of them can be a boat-in site as well. If you are interested, you can also reserve one of the campsites, if you are looking to host a party or private event. Even if you just want to spend a nice quiet weekend at the Charles A. Lindbergh State Park, you can reserve your spot to make sure you have access during the busy times of the year.


You can also visit Kilen Woods State Park, which is 553-acres and is in southwest Minnesota near the Des, Moines, IA, border. You can also visit the various patches of prairie bush clover, which is known to only exist in about 100 different places throughout the country. You can go camping, hiking, and even canoeing in this location. There is walk-in and drive-in camping available, and you will really enjoy the various plants and wildlife found in this area. If you are someone who enjoys gardens and various flowers, such as the prairie bush clover, you will really love spending time at this lesser-visited park.

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