Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Peyton Manning Willing To Take Huge Pay Cut

The Broncos star QB and the team are near an agreement on a new contract for the upcoming season which would reduce his big salary by $4 million. The five time NFL MVP will take this pay-cut to give the Broncos more room for free agent signings and possibly keep some of their current assets such as Julius Thomas.

Manning will now be paid $15 million in base salary instead of the $19 million he was scheduled to make with his old contract.

The new contract is not finalized yet and requires Peyton to pass a certain amount of physical tests before signing. He is expected to take these tests within 24 hours, various sources reported. Other small details are currently being finalized in the contract.

If the deal goes through, it will be Peyton’s 18th season in the NFL, fourth with the team. There is some concern about his durability but he informed general manager John Elway last month that he is physically and mentally prepared to play another full season. To do so, he has gone through a workout routine and evaluation with a famous performance trainer.

Last year, Peyton became the second quarterback to beat all 32 teams and tossed his 500th career TD to Julius Thomas against the Arizona Cardinals. A few weeks later, he passed Brett Favre as the all time leader in passing touchdowns with 509. The season ended in disappointment after the Broncos made the playoffs but fell short against the underdog Colts in the divisional round.

Some fans thought it was the end of Peyton after his bad game against the Colts in the playoffs but it looks like he’s back for one last run. If the Denver Broncos pick up key free agents for the team, look for them to go on another deep playoff run. Are the Broncos a contender with their current squad?

Sean Farlow
University graduate with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Big fan of sports teams from South FL.


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