Saturday, May 21, 2022

Pinterest publishes its first full-year transparency report

Pinterest finally publishes its full-year transparency report to show government requests for data.

After seeing its fellow internet services like Dropbox and Twitter lead the way, Pinterest has published its first transparency report to cover a whole year. It received a mere 41 requests for data, most of which were probably not for your usual Halloween costume idea or recipes for brownies.

95% US government requests, 5% non-USA government requests

As no surprise to anyone, the US took the lead, making 95% of the requests. This represents the bulk of the data, with only 5% of data requests coming from other countries. Canada and Australia can lay claim to the two requests that don’t belong to the USA.

The company says that in the USA, 10 of the requests came from warrants, while 14 represent subpoenas.

Pinterest says that they will always try to notify users of government requests for their data, but sometimes they can’t thanks to being prohibited by law. 38% of government requets, they were prohibited from notifying the user.

Pinterest did not necessarily produce data for all the times that they received requests.  If they did not feel that the request was fair or in some way objectionable, they would decline to fulfill the request. 7 of the 41 requests were denied, while 2 were only partially fulfilled. They also note that they declined to fulfill any non-US government requests.

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