An anonymous man in Birmingham, England wanted to help out homeless people. But he quickly realized he needed to catch the attention of the residents and dress like a popular hero to encourage others to help out those people in need. To do this, he wears a Spiderman costume everyday.

“Really enjoying the positivity I’m being able to spread with my work, will be out next on Monday to hand out food#‎SpreadThePositivity,” the hero posted on a Facebook account made just for his character. The account named Birmingham Spiderman, provides info on how people can help out the community. He says he doesn’t want donations.

[quote_center]“To those asking I don’t accept any money donations, instead I encourage that people get involved themselves and feed those who need it, f people get involved themselves it helps to breakdown the de-personification of the vulnerable.”[/quote_center]

According to several reports, the hero is a bartender that works in the area and has already served as an inspiration without a costume.

This hero is in Britain, but the tradition of wearing a costume to become a real life superhero was first done in Mexico. This Mexican hero from 1987-1996 helped out those in need just like the Birmingham Spiderman. He wore red tights and a red and yellow wrestler mask. He was not only known for helping the poor, he would organize protests, labor rallies, and file petitions for people who were about to be evicted from their homes.

Britain isn’t the only place where there’s a hero. The U.S has a Real Life Superheroes website for those who want to help out while being a superhero.

“Indeed, there is a real subculture of genuine heroes, that bridge the gap between the fantastic and the practical. Anonymous and selfless, they choose every day, to make a difference in the world around them,” the website states. “Whether it be feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, or cleaning up their neighborhoods, they save real lives in very real ways.”

The famous British Spiderman who is known on Twitter as #BrumSpiderman has a lot of followers watching his every move.

“I think that it’s quite cool what he’s doing as Spiderman,” says Paul Bancroft, general manager of a theater named The Old Joint Stock, who often sees the real life Spiderman helping out the homeless.

While Mr.Bancroft doesn’t feel comfortable giving homeless people money, he says the Birmingham Spiderman has inspired him to feed or give them a refreshing drink.

“We have quite a big homeless problem here in Birmingham. It’s quite good to see what he’s doing,” Bancroft adds.

Not too long ago, The Guardian made a report on Birmingham’s homeless. The numbers showed that the area has the highest amount of homeless people, with 925 households. But they’re not first in that category, Waltham Forest in northeast London has 2.55 households per every 1,000 households that can be considered as homeless. This isn’t just a problem there, homelessness has gone up in the nation
by 27.4% the last few years.

We can only hope that more superheroes join in and provide something good for their community.



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