Sony’s Action Camera May be Able Compete with the GoPro

The Sony X1000V implements many new features that could give the GoPro some competition.

The GoPro is one of the best-selling action cameras on the market. However, hiding behind its shadows is the Sony X1000V. Over the past few years, this action camera has been competing against the GoPro.

The X1000V is available for $499, which is the same price as the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. For around $500, you will receive the camera, an adhesive mount, a microUSB cable. and a waterproof case. For just $100 more, you can purchase the X1000V with a live view remote. This remote is meant to be worn on your wrist, and provides you a real-time view of the action with a colored screen.

The design of the X1000V is similar to older versions of Action Cams from Sony. Its camera is encased in a shotgun-style body, equipping a tripod mount and external mic input at the base. The housing has a flat base, allowing the action camera to stand on its own.

This Sony is splash resistant, holding an IPX4 rating. A rating like this means that the user is able to splash water at the camera from any direction, without harming the device. The waterproof case allows the X1000V to go deep, reaching a depth of 33 feet. For those who plan to use the camera even deeper, they will be able to purchase a flat front panel. This will allow the X1000V to go as deep as 197 feet.

Capturing all the moments will be easy, having a 170-degree Zeiss lens at f/2.8 sitting at the front of the device. The user will be able to lessen the field of few to 120 degrees if image stabilization is on.

The stereo microphone that is located underneath the lens offers a choice for the user. They will be able to turn a wind cut filter on or off, depending on their preferences.

The X1000V is a 4K action camera, but can also record in different bitrates such as 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 60 Mbps. The reasoning behind this is that the 4K resolution will not reach it’s full potentioal without a 4K monitor or TV. This high 3840 x 2160 resolution will¬†¬†“produce vibrant and extremely realistic images”.

One feature for users that do not know how to edit videos is the Highlight Movie Maker. This function selects the most interesting scenes from the clips using a motion gyro. The movie is then saved into MP4 format, which is easy to share on social media.

Another function that is implemented is the Loop recording feature. You are now able to set a loop duration (5,20,60, or 120 minutes) and capture the best parts of the scene. The Loop recording feature will save space on your card, allowing for more clips to be recorded.

This camera may not be dedicated to shoot professional movies, but it’s lighting and brightness level adjustment feature provide high-quality shots. Sony’s website states “Advanced manual control of settings such as white balance and AE shifting enable more pro-style movie shooting to meet diverse needs”

Sharing your videos with family members or friends has been made easier. Ustream allows them to log in and view your clips from anywhere. Showing your close friends where you are and what you are doing at every given time has never been easier.

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