T-Mobile Uncarrier 9 Brings Solutions for Businesses and Consumers

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 9 takes on the big carriers on the side rather than head on with its new business plans aimed at small businesses.

T-Mobile, the company known for shaking up the wireless industry, has announced Uncarrier 9, which turns its attention to small businesses. The company says that its new business pricing will be 42% cheaper than the competition.

“We are going to do to the business segment what we did to the consumer segment two years ago,” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere, wearing a leather jacket and holding a Red Bull in his hands.


Uncarrier 9 plans start at $160 for 10 lines with 1 GB of data and unlimited everything else. That makes each line just $16, and the price drops further once you hit 20 lines, where each line becomes $15 each. For big businesses, 1000 lines or above drops down to only $10 per line.

While each line only  comes equipped with 1 GB of data, you can triple that data on a single for another $10 a month, or get full fledged unlimited for $30 on a line.

Pooled Data

In some cases, however, pooled data can be more cost effective for large companies than individual data on a per-line basis. T-Mobile has this covered too, allowing businesses to purchase pooled data for $4.75 per GB between 100 GB and 500 GB, and $4.50 per GB from 500 GB to 1 TB. After 1 TB the price drops to just $4.25 per GB.

T-Mobile’s new pooled data is different from the data buckets that we are all used to though; because with T-Mobile you will pay for what you use as opposed to paying for a certain tier and having to deal with overage fees should you exceed your paid allowance. For instance, if a business account on T-Mobile uses 101 GB, they will be charged $4.75×101, ($479.95).¬† This eliminates the anxiety of trying to estimate how big of a bucket your company needs, and getting overage charges should you underestimate.

Free Domain Names

T-Mobile took it one step further and announced free domain names for businesses: T-Mobile will buy you a .com domain name to help you get started on a small business website. And if you upgrade a line to get more data, T-Mobile will hook you up with Office 365 for your business.

Corporate Discounts

If you are an employee using a T-Mobile business account, the company will count your company line as the first line on a family plan, making subsequent lines cheaper. For example, a 4 line family plan with the corporate discount would be $30 (line 1) + $10 + $10 + $10 = $60, versus $100 without the discount.

Helping out Consumers

Businesses aren’t getting all the attention here; to satisfy regular consumers, T-Mobile has announced two changes to disrupt the consumer industry.

First, if you want to switch to T-Mobile and have an outstanding balance on a phone with another carrier, T-Mobile will now pay off your tab for you when you switch. All you need to to is trade in your phone and buy a new one with T-Mobile. They will pay off up to $650 per phone, on top of the $350 to get you out of your contract early.

Second, T-Mobile is reintroducing the contract, but in the form of the UnContract. This contract says that current promotions will last forever, effectively guaranteeing that prices will only go down, and not up. This is great news for users of the 4 lines of 2.5 GB for $100/m, which was slated to end at the end of the year, and now is guaranteed to last forever. Legere said, however, that he cannot guarantee unlimited data for more than 2 years. We need to wait and see where the industry is then and whether it is still sustainable.

T-Mobile USA is known for its industry changing competition. In a market full of stagnant monopolies, T-Mobile has stepped in with its “Uncarrier” initiative to shake things up. The Uncarrier initiative is a plan by the company’s CEO, John Legere, to eliminate pain points that its competitors often impose.

T-Mobile’s focus on small businesses is a smart move, for these are people that are often scoffed at by the bigger carriers. T-Mobile is offering a no-nonsense solution to small business owners so that they don’t have to negotiate with sales reps and therefore can just get down to business. By doing this, they are taking on the monopoly on the side instead of head on, and with that, they will be able to take many dissatisfied customers away from the big carriers as they are attracted to T-Mobile’s no-nonsense approach.

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