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The Apple Watch and the Company’s “New Chapter”

The Apple Watch is Apple's first wearable, allowing the user to play music, send and receive messages, and other various features that function with the iPhone.

The Watch

After being unveiled during the fall of 2014 at Apple’s media event, the Apple Watch can be considered as the “new chapter” in their company. Being the company’s first wearable, Apple has decided to piece together multiple features taken from other smart watches  with their own ideas. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook comments his thought of the Apple Watch when he says “Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever created”.

Some elements from other smart watches include voice control, notifications, and a swipe-to-glance feature. So, what differentiates this from other smart watches from companies such as Samsung and Android in the market?

The Watch comes in three different construction designs, six different watch bands, and two different sizes. This will allow the customer to create a combination that works for them. The consumer is also able to choose which Apple Watch they’d like to purchase based on their lifestyle. For example, the Watch will be available in aluminum and glass, sapphire crystal, or gold.

With the premium materials being used to produce this quality piece of technology, the price will clearly be higher than the average watch. The cheapest version (aluminum and glass) will be available for $349 in the US. However, the 18-karat-gold edition would clearly be equal to fine jewelry in price.

The Watch feels good and comfortable on the wrist, and is fit, refined, and finished. It resembles a mini-iPhone combined with a iPod Nano. The leather band is equally as comfortable on the skin as the metal and rubbery sport bands. It is clear that the Apple Watch revolves around how comfortable it is and the appearance, as well as the function.

What’s so Special?

The watch operates on the new S1 processor, and is equipped with NFC. This allows the watch to perform Apple Pay payments and work as a door key at hotels. Various next-gen features will be implemented, and will be announced in the future.

Another feature the Apple Watch is equipped with is having a new way to notify the user. The Apple website says “And because it touches your skin, we were able to add a physical dimension to alerts and notifications — you’ll feel a gentle tap when you receive an incoming message”.

“Apple Watch is the most personal device Apple has ever created.” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

The Apple Watch also promotes fitness tracking and applications. One third of the third-party apps available on the Apple Watch will be fitness orientated. The stock applications on the Watch measure each day’s activity while the other tracks individual workouts. This gadget is also able to measure heart rate using infrared and LED technology.Using four sapphire lenses on the back, the Apple Watch gives the user an extremely accurate reading. If you currently use Nike Plus on your device, you should be glad to know that the Apple Watch supports the app.

Overall, the Apple Watch will be hit among Apple enthusiasts who want a mini-iPhone on their wrist. The different customization options allows all ages to purchase the watch. If there’s a wrist, there’s a way.




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