The Flu Causes 6th Child To Die Within The State Of Minnesota

A sixth child has died as the result of the flu, although overall cases of Influenza-A is down from the beginning of February. The Minnesota Department of Health released a report that stated in the last week of February, 13 people were hospitalized, but one child has died as a result of the flu.

fly2What the Department of Health is worried about now is that although Influenza-A is down, the cases of Influenza-B is still going up. Over 3,000 people throughout the state of Minnesota have been hospitalized this flu season, including 6 children who have died. A lot of the time, schools, hospitals, and long-term care facilities are the main source of the influenza outbreak. Hospitals and long-term care facilities are urged to limit the amount of people visiting each patient, and recommend that children under 12 years old not be allowed in these facilities, especially if they are experiencing flu symptoms. There is also a warning about parents sending their children to school when they are showing symptoms of the flu, so it’s better to let them miss a day, than potentially be exposing other children to the virus.

The Minnesota Department of Health is urging all parents to not send their child to school if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, and also expressed concern over proper hygiene such as hand washing. Although going to the doctor if you have a sick child might seem like an extreme measure, especially if the symptoms are relatively minor, it really is the best course of action so that antibiotics can be given quickly to hinder the virus progressing.