Thursday, June 8, 2023

YouTube joining monthly video industry?

Hinting at wanting to create a subscription service for its best original content, YouTube mentioned in a Variety report they are, “exploring the prospect of launching its own subscription VOD service.” Speculations now are that the service would be ad-free versions of some its best original content. Content would probably be from original YouTube stars and possibly original productions like Netflix’s House of Cards.

Experts predict the service would be just like already existing YouTube Music Key, a monthly service at $7.99 that provides ad-free listening to music videos and free streaming from Google Play. This rumor originates from an executive at a company which is partners with YouTube to produce video content who shall remain unnamed.

This move into a monthly subscription type service is likely in response to similar moves by Hulu, Vessel, Vimeo, and of course the original: Netflix. Such sites entice original content creators to make exclusive content and shows for more lucrative ad revenues. The result? Shows like House of Cards only available on Netflix which entices users to use Netflix for access to this kind of content. Amazon Prime also produces it’s own content and recently won an Emmy for their headlining show. By joining in this business, YouTube increases their revenue to create original content but more importantly boost their bottom line. The Google-owned subset is said to have been breaking even ten years after it’s founding in 2005. With a monthly subscription service, YouTube would have more opportunity to grow and continue creating great original videos.

Billy Allocca
A student interested in world affairs and technology. I like eating great food, binge-watching "Parks and Recreation", and Seattle rain.


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