Amazon Dash Allows a Smart Coffee Makers to Replenish Itself

Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service along with Quirky's Poppy lineup allow coffee lover's to brew their sweet coffee with ease.

Amazon Dash

On March 31, Amazon unveiled Dash buttons, which allows Amazon Prime users refill products they frequently order. This service can be completed at a push of a button. One of the first products to implement this brand new service is a coffee maker from New York-based startup Quirky. This item is similar to other Dash-powered products, in a line called Poppy. Other appliances include a smart pet feeder and a smart instant formula machine. 

The coffee maker is branded with the name of “The Poppy Pour-Over”, winning the hearts of your local coffee lover. It is produced with attractive bronze accents, and equipped with a built-in burr grinder. This makes sure your morning coffee is always produced and brewed from fresh beans. This Web-linked coffee maker is similar to Mr.Coffee’s Smart Optimal Brewer, which allows the buyer to brew from anywhere. Using the Wink App, Internet connection, and the Wink Hub, brewing coffee has never been easier.

Coffee Productivity

The Poppy Pour-Over enables the user to tune their coffee to their liking, and then save their adjustments as presets. Presets can be created for ideal water temperature, brew times, and grind size. For those looking to try something new, the user can download an app for iOS or Android to share and use other coffee lover’s recipes.

The double-walled glass carafe proves to be effective at keeping the coffee hot. The hopper for the Poppy Pour-Over is able to hold 1.25 lbs of coffee beans at one time, and includes 10 or 20 ounce serving sizes.

Unexpectedly running out of coffee beans and filters will be a problem of the past with the sensor located in the Pour-Over. Whenever your inventory runs low, the sensor is programmed to alert you. Another neat feature is that it is able to automatically place an order through the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service when this occurs.

If the Pour-Over is produced, coffee making will be easier and the responsibility of tracking your inventory of coffee beans will be long gone. If you are worried about Amazon placing orders without your permission… Well you should not be because you will always be able to edit or cancel an order even after the smart sensor places it.

Poppy Products

Coffee lovers are not the only ones receiving this gift to make their mornings easier. The Poppy product lineup from GE and Quirky includes this service for more than just your daily caffeine. Dash Replenishment also works to control the Poppy Formula through the Wink app, and automatically orders formula when it is alerted. Similarly, the Poppy Pet Feeder reminds you when you are running low on pet food. This allows you to brew your coffee and feed your pet and baby all at the tap of a button. All Poppy products allow you to monitor your supply.

Still interested? Quirky has not officially released a price or the availability of their Poppy line-up. However, those who are truly interested can sign up to be the first to know when new information is announced.




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