Saturday, February 4, 2023

Daniel Radcliffe to Star in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Drama

It appears that Daniel Radcliffe is joining as the star of the upcoming BBC Factual drama, “Game Changer” which is being directed by Owen Harris. Reports have previously indicated he was in negotiations, but it is official now, he will be the main character of the movie. “Game Changer” follows the true-life account and real story of the fight that happened between the creator of the hit video game Grand Theft Auto, and a lawyer from Miami who was on a quest to ban violence in video games.

daniel radcliffeYou might not have heard about Harris, but he helped direct multiple episodes of “Black Mirror” and “Misfits” and he is British. The BBC Factual drama is looking at Radcliffe to be Sam Houser, who was the British co-founder and also president of Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games is the company that is behind Grand Theft Auto, as well as other video games like Red Dead. Houser is the one that gets the credit when it comes to making Grand Theft Auto a name that nearly everyone knows, and a game almost everyone has played at some point. Rockstar Games got into it with Jack Thompson, who was an attorney and activist that often went after media companies for pushing sex into the mainstream.

When Grand Theft Auto came out, Thompson saw that the media had glorified this video game, which was full of violence and nudity, and he began going after the company. It turns out, Thompson ended up being disbarred in 2008 because of inappropriate behavior, likely due to his unusual attorney tactics and personal attacks on his opponent. At this point, it is not known who will play Thompson in the film, but whoever it is will be going against a tough guy in Radcliffe, who has broken out from his “Harry Potter” roles over the last couple of years, and turned into a really good actor.

The title was called Rockstar Games, but now Game Changer is the title, although that could change again before all is said and done. James Wood wrote the script for the movie, while Jim Spencer has stepped on as producer, and Mark Hedgecoe is the executive producer. The movie was supposed to begin shooting on April 20, although it was just confirmed Radcliffe was in, so the date might have been pushed back a few days.

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