Dr. Oz Addressing Criticism On Upcoming Show

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Dr. Mehmet Oz recently, with many physicians calling him a “quack” and saying he promotes “quack treatments” that focus on his personal gain only. All of these accusations have finally reached a boiling point, so Dr. Oz is planning on making a special episode of his daytime talk show that will air this week, which will set the record straight once and for all.

dr ozThe details of the upcoming show have not all been released yet, however it will be more in-depth than the one-paragraph statement that Dr. Oz issued a week ago, and will likely take up almost his entire show. The show is scheduled to come out on Thursday April 23, and will discuss the 10 physicians who recently wrote Columbia University to try to get Dr. Oz out as a faculty member. Dr. Oz wanted to discuss who these 10 doctors are, because he feels it’s important for America to know about why these doctors are so against his treatments.

Dr. Oz is no stranger to criticisms, especially when it comes to the various products that he endorses or advertises on his show. In fact, Dr. Oz was brought to Capitol Hill recently to talk about the types of products he has endorsed on his show. A lot of senators and congressmen were upset with him, especially women who had been overweight, because they felt he was taking advantage of this population without research and evidence to back up his claims. Dr. Oz also claimed that green coffee extract was a “miraculous” weight loss drug, which he basically had to retract after critics found flaws in his statements.

As far as the upcoming show, which is titled “The last thing we want to do” Dr. Oz will essentially go into details about who these 10 doctors were that accused Dr. Oz of “baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops.” Dr. Oz will discuss the credentials and backgrounds of these doctors and go into reasons why they felt the need to attack him. He will also likely give a statement about his opinions and the evidence he uses to backup his opinions that he expresses on his show. Both the integrity and the credentials and qualifications of these doctors will be discussed, as well as possibly giving out their names, so that Americans can look these doctors up for themselves.

It is unclear whether or not Dr. Oz would face any legal repercussions for giving out the information of the doctors who wrote the letter to Columbia University, although it’s likely he has already discussed these issues with a lawyer. What is interesting though is that Dr. Oz is choosing to come forward and devote his entire show to these 10 doctors, when in fact, these doctors are part of a long line of people who have questioned the types of products and have questioned the statements of Dr. Oz. Dr. Oz did send out a letter though, that said he felt he was being targeted by these 10 doctors, although he never said why he felt that way or if he had any past connections to these doctors. Dr. Oz also said that he is experiencing intimidation by these doctors, since they are trying to get his job as a faculty member taken away due to his stance on genetically modified foods.

The date of the show, scheduled to air Thursday could change, but it appears right now that Dr. Oz plans to move forward with the date, since the show should be taped Tuesday or Wednesday. It is not known if Dr. Oz will invite any of the doctors onto his show who called him out during a later episode, but that would be the best move since they could discuss the issue in a debate format, as opposed to the doctors giving their opinions and then Dr. Oz giving his without any real communication between the two sides.

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