Google may be Able to End Spoilers with their Latest Patented Filter

Google could end the days of unwanted spoilers with their latest patent.

Spoiler Alert!

Spoilers are littered across the Internet, and searching for your favorite show on Google makes you prone to them. Search results could yield the endings of shows or even a certain episode before you are able to stop reading.

Browsing social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram could be like walking through a minefield with all of the spoilers.Blogs discussing your favorite TV show’s ending could ruin your viewing experience.

This is especially a problem when you are not able to see if the content is a spoiler. How could Google fix this problem that many avid movie or TV show viewers face?

The Patent

On Tuesday, Google was presented a solution; a patent for a filter that would end all spoilers on the websites the user browses. They received this patent from the U.S Patent Trademark Office.

The patent states that the filter “includes a system and method for processing content spoilers” and “a controller, a progress module, a determination module, a warning module and a presentation module”. This shows that this patent is more than just a basic keyword-filter that censors all content related to the entertainment.

In short, the software would determine how far you are into a certain TV show, movie or even a book. Using this information, the filter would be able to scan the page for potential spoilers.

A file that was sent with the federal agency also claim that it will be able to transfer this information among devices, providing maximum spoiler protection. Spoilers are instantly censored but can still be viewed. The software grants the user a spoiler alert the first time the censor is clicked.

The question is, will Google ever release this Patent and implement it into their search engine?

The system put into a visual display

A Google spokeswoman said “We hold patents on a variety of ideas — some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don’t”. Google has not made clear on what social media systems they could implement this filter in. This is especially questionable on social media sites they do not own. However, if they do announce this patent, the media will most likely see it on YouTube or G+.

“Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patents.” she also said. A software like this would mean the user would have to agree to the tracking of their shows or books. This is alike to Netflix’s ability to track viewings and posts to linked accounts on social media.

With people constantly giving their reactions to certain events just as they happen, it is clear that this software will have some trouble. Checking Twitter just as a new episode of Game of Thrones is released may not be the brightest idea.

With the abundance of spoilers online, a filter such as this could end those heart-breaking moments of reading a spoiler by accident. A natural filter is available to many however; stay off social media and blogs pertaining to your favorite show, book, or movie!




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