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Hilary Duff Hopes to Make a Music Comeback

Hilary Duff was on top of the world, with various Top 40 hits and albums that sold millions of copies, but she hasn’t released a new album in over seven years. The now 27-year-old mother is trying to make her musical comeback, acknowledging in a recent interview that it’s a struggle to comeback after being gone so long. It might not seem like it, but a lot in the music world has changed in seven years, less album sales and more iTunes song downloads, and an even harder climate to get people to purchase your products.
hilary duff
Hilary used to not have any issues with selling albums or merchandise, but things have changed, and now she is signed to RCA Records in hopes of once again topping the music charts. RCA Records is home to a lot of powerful and well-known artists such as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, so if any company could give Hilary a comeback it would be RCA. Hilary has already started releasing new music, “Sparks” is a dance track that has come out recently, and there is much more that will be coming out in the near future.

Hilary said it’s harder now to get back into the music business, after all, she is a mother now and also is now once again acting. Hilary is on “Younger” which is a show that comes on TV Land, so she is doing more than just taking care of her son now, and she feels it’s the right time to get back into the swing of working. Hilary said that the past several years have been a learning experience where she has always tried to stay true to the person she was, and she is wanting to share those messages with her fans. Hilary wants to stay competitive in the market of music, but does not want to stray from the person and type of music she enjoys making. Hilary also noted that as far as music goes, it’s even more difficult because she does act and do other things, which takes time away from her ability to write and record.

Hilary expects that she will have her next album coming out sometime in the summer, a full-length album, which she hopes that her fans will enjoy. Hilary said she wanted to have messages for her fans, so it took longer to get this album out there, since she wanted to convey her thoughts in a certain manner. If you are a fan of Hilary, then you should look for her album this summer, and look for her to continue writing and creating music well into her later years. It is not known yet if Hilary will be going on tour in support for this new album anytime soon, although it’s likely she will make some appearances later this summer as far as promoting the album. Between motherhood, music, and acting, you can bet Hilary is going to be busy for many months to come.

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