Lifx White 800 LED Light Redefines the Efficient Smart Light Bulb

The Lifx White 800 proves to be a cheaper but effective white light bulb, and is offers different tunes of white.

The Basics

Smart light bulbs can change colors, provide lots of unusual entertainment, and are generally a luxury. However, dropping $100 of your hard-earned money on a light is fairly questionable to the average consumer.

The Lifx White 800 LED reinvents the smart light by becoming the best of both worlds. This LED light removes the RGB diodes and focuses on what a smart white light really is. Instead of becoming all fancy (color-changing, laser-beam shooting) the Lifx White 800 is aimed towards the practical buyer.

The original Lifx LED was $100, proving to be a luxury smart light for many. However, the next generation flaunts a $40 price tag, and is available with many options provided to the consumer. There are different fittings and voltage ranges, and all options are given on their website. (They even offer a B22 bayonet cap for Australia and Europe).

What’s the Difference?

Similar to the Philips approach with their Hue Lux LED’s, Lifx has offered a white-light bulb after their previous models. This gives the buyer even more options when deciding on which to purchase. However, the Lifx 800 White 800 LED proves to be the better option when buying a single bulb. Philips has cut down the price of their two-bulb beginners kit with the Hue Bridge to $80 ($20 for every bulb after). However, it would be optimal to purchase from the Hue Lux LED series when buying more than one bulb.

Although these prices are a matter of personal preference, the Lifx White 800 proves to be the better white-light bulb. The Hue Lux LED’s do not grant the user the ability to tune the color. This sets the permanent color temp. of the light to 2,700K. On the other hand, the Lifx White 800 allows the user to vary from a hot blue-like white (6,500K) to a more convenient, low tone (2,700K).

This option proves to be efficient, especially when using white-light during different times of the day. A similar tunability feature is found on the Osram Lightify, which comes with two smart bulbs and a plug-in gateway for $60. Although this feature seems subtle and unnecessary, it proves to be useful in the morning and at night. For example when waking up to a bright hot light, you will feel invigorated and active. Then when returning home at night, the yellow-like tone will allow you to fall asleep or relax. These changing tones also look good when matched with the right home scene.

Lifx takes it a step further by removing the need of a gateway or plug-in completely. They insert a Wi-Fi radio inside each bulb, making installation a breeze. The user is only required to set-up the App and light bulb, and their new smart light is set.

Unfortunately, the Lifx White 800 LED is sold out online on their website. However, you will most likely be able to find it sitting on shelves at your local Best Buy. The White 800 light also is 8.25 ounces, proving to be lighter than its previous model.

Although the Lifx White 800 is not as powerful as the original Lifx, it is effective and much cheaper. If you are interested in a cheaper but efficient white light bulb,  then the Lifx White 800 LED is for you.