Monday, May 29, 2023

Michelle Trachtenberg Still In the Business

You might have heard the name Michelle Trachtenberg before, whether it was from her time as a teen on Nickelodeon or from her “Gossip Girl” character, but did you know she is still on the screen? Michelle was actually just spotted hanging out at the Coachella Music Festival, looking happy and ready to chill, although she didn’t look how she use to. This appearance comes off of the heels of the announcement that “Sleepy Hollow” the television show was coming back for a third season, with new executive producer Clifton Campbell taking over.

michelle tractenbergThe new 18-episode season will feature Michelle, who appeared all throughout the second season of the “Sleepy Hollow” show as Abigail Adams. This character did not show up until season two, but since the third season has been announced, it’s going to mean more work for Michelle as she reprises her role as the wife of John Adams. The start date of the third season has not been announced yet, it was appearing on Fox, so it is expected that Fox will also get season three, although a time and date has not yet been determined.

Michelle also has recently appeared in movies, with her last movie coming out in September of 2014, which was “The Scribbler” and she played Alice/Veronica. Alice is an escaped mental patient, who is actually not a real person at all, and is just the evil side of Veronica. So if you thought Michelle could not play a role that was serious or very dark, this movie is definitely one that you need to check out, because Michelle’s role as Alice/Veronica was great. Michelle didn’t get a lot of time in the second season of “Sleepy Hollow” so fans are hoping to see more of her besides flashbacks as the new season will soon go into production.

Jeanne Rose
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