Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Paralyzed Girl Surprises Nurse By Standing Up From Her Wheelchair

One young woman in Texas is grateful to be walking again after spending 11 days with no feeling in her legs, and doctors had no explanation for the bizarre medical mystery. The mother of the girl, Becky Miller, took to Facebook to post the video last week.

The video shows the daughter of Becky standing up to surprise her favorite nurse who took care of her the 11 days she was in the hospital. The nurse had just started her shift for the day, and had no clue that the paralyzed girl was able to walk. When the nurse got close to give the girl a hug, the girl stood up out of her wheelchair and began walking towards the nurse, and then the two embraced in a very long hug. The nurse immediately began crying and saying “Oh Lord!” “Thank You Jesus” as the girl was standing up and hugging her.

It was a very emotional video, because both the nurses and doctors were unsure of why the girl could not walk, and also did not know if she would be able to walk again, as it was a medical mystery. The girl wanted to surprise her favorite nurse with the good news personally, and it’s a heartwarming video that shows just how much nurses do care about their patients. It also shows that nurses do get emotionally invested into their work, and this will be a case that this nurse will never forget. It’s unknown if the doctors were ever able to figure out what was wrong, or why the girl could not walk for 11 days, but she appears to be okay as of now.

Jeanne Rose
Jeanne Rose lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been a freelance writer since 2010. She took Allied Health in vocational school where she earned her CNA/PCA, and worked in a hospital for 3 years. Jeanne enjoys writing about science, health, politics, business, and other topics as well.


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