Paris Hilton Shows Up at Coachella, Announces New Music Single

In what was a little surprising, Paris Hilton showed up at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which she has gone to for both weekends in a row. The 34-year-old has not been spotting out partying that much within the past couple of years, because she is now spending a lot of her time as a music DJ and is actually making music of her own again.

Paris Hilton CochellaHowever, Paris did announce during Coachella that she will be releasing her new music single, “High Off My Love” a little earlier than previously thought. Her new music single is set to release on May 4, 2015, and this is the third single that is from her upcoming album. It is currently not known when her album will come out, although it is expected sometime later this year.

Paris actually just did an interview with Elle, where she talked about being a DJ at the local hotspots over the past year or so, and also talked about her life now as opposed to her party-girl image when she was younger. Paris now thinks of herself as a businesswoman and musician, but she talked about knowing the DJ gig and the music won’t last her entire life. Paris said she wanted to settle down and continue focusing more on her work, instead of being out at the clubs acting as a DJ. Paris also talked about wanting to have children and become a brand, instead of just being known as “the party girl hotel heiress” and talked about her admiration of Oprah.

Paris said that as she gets older, she realizes that she wants to become a mom and settle down with that for a while, although she is a businesswoman and always will be. Paris said when she has kids, she won’t be out doing DJ work or doing other appearances at the hotspots, but she wants to always have work to do. Paris said that she has learned a lot over the last few years and has really grown into a woman who enjoys working and making a brand of her own, although she doesn’t need to due to her family’s excessive wealth. It appears that Paris is all grown up now, realizing that the image she once had was one of a spoiled rich girl, and now she is ready to make a serious name for herself, both through music and her other business ventures. Paris did not say in the interview when she thought she would want kids, as she is already 34-years-old, so time is ticking, and she also didn’t say if she wanted to get married or have a wedding. For now, it appears Paris is content to focus on her music career and other business ventures, but the point of her settling down and having kids seems to be getting closer in her mind.

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