Monday, May 29, 2023

Paris Jackson Confirms Relationship with Chester Castellaw

For the past couple of years, we haven’t really heard much from Paris Jackson, the 17-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Back in 2013, Paris sought treatment after allegedly attempting suicide, and has largely stayed out of the public eye. It is not known how long Paris was in treatment or what exactly her treatment was focusing on, but it was known that Paris had also a difficult time dealing with the untimely death of her father as well.

paris-jackson-chester-castellaw-photoHowever, Paris is now coming back into the spotlight as she confirmed she is dating Chester Castellaw, an 18-year-old football player. Paris is reportedly enjoying her life with her new boyfriend and is in a really good place mentally these days. Paris and Chester met through mutual friends after Paris moved back to Beverly Hills, CA, after moving back from a boarding school that was located in Utah. Chester is from a very wealthy family that lives in Beverly Hills, and Katherine Jackson is even happy with Chester. Katherine, who is the grandmother of Paris and the mother of Michael Jackson, has been known to be very protective of Paris and the rest of the Jackson children. Currently, Katherine has guardianship of Paris, although Paris does have a good relationship with her mother, Debbie, and they are making progress after having a troubled relationship in the past.

Paris and Chester were hiking together last month, which was caught on camera, but that was the first time the couple had been spotted out together. Now, it appears the relationship is progressing, so Paris decided to announce the relationship to stop speculation. The entire family on the Jackson side is happy with Chester and it seems that Chester’s family is also happy and supportive of the relationship, so it’s going to be exciting to see where this goes for the young couple. Paris has not said anything further about the relationship or whether she has any future plans with Chester, which might be a good sign that her therapy is helping her learn how to manage her feelings and behaviors in a positive manner.

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