Searchers Find Woman’s Body Near Where Jennifer Houle Went Missing

Breaking news coming out of Minneapolis tonight, as search crews announce they have found a woman’s body in the Mississippi River. The body is that of an adult woman and has been pulled out from near the 10th Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, which is exactly the area where 22-year-old Jennifer Houle went missing.

missing student jennifer houle local mn newsThe Hennepin County Sheriffs Office said that the medical examiner from Hennepin County will perform an autopsy on the woman, and also alert the police and public of the identity of the woman found. This is breaking news coming from the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office tonight, so they are not saying whether or not it is the body of Houle, who attended the University of Minnesota at the Carlson School of Management. It is also not known if the woman was clothed or if any visible marks were found on the body pulled from the Mississippi River. The police have not released any more information on the woman’s body that was pulled from the Mississippi River, although that is not atypical considering the situation.

The adult woman’s body that was pulled from the water most likely is that of Houle, although official confirmation from the coroner’s office and verification from the family will likely be needed to make a positive identification. The police still have not said yet whether or not Houle fell into the water or jumped into the water, since finding the surveillance video of her entering the water on Sunday night. It’s still too early to determine what exactly happened, since there could be a medical condition that impaired Houle and made her fall into the river on accident. More information will likely come out tomorrow or Friday, especially if a positive identification is made of the young adult woman’s body being confirmed as Houle.

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