Star Wars: Battlefront Details

For a lot of fans Star Wars is the greatest franchise of all time and easily stirs up emotions when something about it is released, but what the trailer of the new video game showed was pure awesomeness.

Yes we know, most Star Wars games have flopped, but those who watched the eight minute gameplay demonstration behind closed doors, left in shock.

In a small auditorium styled after the war room on Admiral Ackbar’s flagship, DICE showed what they’re trying to do with the game called Battlefront. The game is said to be a multiplayer-focused title that is bringing the old stuff back. The gameplay was even better than the trailer, according to those who were there.


Like in that epic trailer, the gameplay vignette shown to the fans at Celebration was set on the forest moon of Endor. It was part of a mode called Walker Assault, which can have up to 40 players in one room. Battlefront kind of reminds us a little of what DICE has done with Battlefield and their big amounts of players in one map. They also have a lot of vehicles like in the war franchise. Two-legged AT-ST Walkers, speed bikes, and the four-legged AT-AT Walkers are all in there.

BattlefrontThe map features a lot of trees and plants.  We can see some redwood pines of the US Pacific northwest that Lucas adapted for Return of the Jedi. The map is so detailed and it has many little things like fallen logs, streams, ferns and many other surprises. Players that like sniping will be in heaven because the map also features an Ewok village high in the trees above. But wait a minute, Battlefront has no sniper class. As a matter of fact, the game has no classes. Instead, players will be able to choose what weapons, gear and abilities they want to bring to any fight. It sounds a little different from the multiplayer games out there that have default classes. Still, the game will have tons of demand because it comes from an epic franchise.

Map Designing

To make the maps look awesome, the company is using two technologies called photogrammetry and physics-based rendering. Photogrammetry is a technique in which an object is photographed from all angles, those photos are then put together to make the item look super realistic. DICE is also getting help from Lucasfilm archives, they use those to apply photogrammetric techniques to a huge number of objects and costumes that have been used in past movies.

The other technique, physics-based rendering, is a little more common in the video games of now. It’s a technology where objects are given physical properties that they have in real life, which affects how they behave in the game and how they respond when put into action.

“So the gameplay you saw was PS4,” Bach told Gameplanet. “That’s what we have already. Today. It’s pre-alpha PS4 footage. That’s as bad as it can possibly look. Hopefully it’ll look even better when we actually ship the game.”

Let’s hope that the multiplayer isn’t affected by server issues and things that usually slow down the online play on the release.

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