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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Details and Debut Trailer

Waiting for a new Assassin’s Creed game after last years disappointment?

Well, we have good news. A new installment of the popular franchise released its debut trailer today. This one is called Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and introduces a new Industrial Revolution-era London setting. The game features two playable protagonists, and way more mechanical enhancements prompted by both the setting and the story.

The new game comes after the disappointment of Assassin’s Creed Unity. A game which left many wanting more single player after the company decided to focus more on the online mode. Unity was a letdown for those who bought the game thinking it was going to be great on their new consoles. The game had a beautiful world but that was about it. The developers will now focus on the single player a little more like in the previous games.

The game will take place in London and the player will have to battle the Templars, who were left in charge after the events of Assassin’s Creed III. The two twin protagonists are both assassins by birth and look to take control of the area.

Two Protagonists

Jacob and Evie Frye are the two main characters of our new single player story. Jacob is a brash, charismatic leader, a hero of the people. Evie is more calculating, with a tactical mind that resembles past characters from the franchise. The two have their own skill tree and equipment, and their own roles to play in the larger story, but players can switch between them freely as they explore the world between missions. So i’m guessing it will be like GTA V, where you can switch to another character while playing. Pretty cool right?

“Jacob and Evie, they were born, raised as assassins and realize that the brotherhood is on the verge of extinction and something needs to be done. So they disobey the brotherhood and try to strike at the Templars at the heart of their empire by dismantling the way they control the city,” Syndicate creative director Marc-Alexis “Mac” Côté told Mashable.

“The game is really about how those two protagonists progress through the experience,” he continues. “Even though they’re twins, they’re very different persons. So I think this game is really centered on the story of those twins and how they evolve. It’s not something we’ve explored in the past.”

Senior producer Francois Pelland added in a little more. “There is innovation within the brand in that regard, but our purpose or our goal right from the start was to … tell a story that we think is the one that will work the best for the game. Starting with the twins, they represent the duality of the personality of England.”

Difference Between The Two

By duality he means that the two will be very different. Jacob is a man of the people, and in the demo he is seen leading his Rooks street gang against a crew of Templar friendlies. This shows that gang wars will be a major part of the video game.

Gang WarsOn the other hand, Evie is way different from Jacob. She is fashionable and is more cultured. You can see her talking to Jacob before the gang war in the demo, but her gameplay has not been revealed yet.

“Our world is modern, and everything moves. When you look at the street and you have carriages, we need to have navigation that [allows for] parkour on moveable objects. Not just a few here and there; it needs to be everywhere. We believe that we now have a world that, from a parkour point of view, the player will love.”

The game is set to be released October 23, 2015 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Can’t wait!

Check out the debut trailer released today right here:

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