British Grandmother Thinks She’ll Be Executed Soon

A British citizen sentenced to death in Indonesia is writing goodbye letters to her family and believes she could be executed at any time, she wrote in an article on Sunday.

Lindsay Sandiford, who is 58 years old, said she was expecting to die soon, after seven foreign drug convicts were executed last week, causing many countries to withdraw their embassy workers and criticize the laws and government. “My execution is imminent and I know I might die at any time now. I could be taken tomorrow from my cell,” Sandiford wrote in British newspaper the Mail on Sunday.

“I have started to write goodbye letters to members of my family.”

Sandiford, originally from Redcar in northeast England, wrote to her family that she planned to sing the popular song “Magic Moments” when facing the firing squad. “I won’t wear a blindfold. It’s not because I’m brave but because I don’t want to hide — I want them to look at me when they shoot me.”

Drugs and Friends

She says the only thing that makes her sad is not being able to meet her granddaughter, who was born after she was arrested. Sandiford was sentenced to death two years ago after she was conviced of trafficking drugs.

Authorities found cocaine worth an estimated £1.6 million ($2.4 million, 2.2 million euros) hidden in Sandiford’s suitcase when she arrived in Bali on a flight from Thailand three years ago. She admitted it all, but says she was forced to bring them after a drug syndicate threatened to kill her son.

She described Andrew Chan, 31, one of two Australians killed by firing squad a few days ago for his role in a plan to smuggle heroin, as “one of the heroes of my life”. The two had become close friends in prison, where the Australian had spent 10 years after being arrested and recognized as a member of a smuggling group.


The execution of the two Australians has almost ended relations between Australia and Indonesia ExecutionsIndonesia.

A mentally ill Brazilian man and four African men were also executed. Brazil had asked the nation to let him go after they told them he was schizophrenic. They ignored their pleas and executed him the same day as Chan and the others.

A Filipina single mother, Mary Jane Veloso, was not executed. Her case is still going and she is not completely safe from the sentence. If found guilty, she might face the same punishment.

Fundraiser and Appeal

Sandiford’s family have recently launched a fundraising drive to raise money to lodge an appeal at the Indonesian Supreme Court. The drive is going to be harder to accomplish after the British government refused to give them money for the legal fight.

If the challenge fails, Sandiford still has the option to appeal the decision and ask Indonesian President Joko Widodo to not be executed. Mercy pleas of the convicts executed a few days ago had been rejected. They were all executed by a 13 member firing squad that took them out in just seconds. Some of the bodies have already been sent back.

Should Indonesia keep executing people that get caught with drugs? Let us know.