Google Play Allowing Pre-Registration for Apps

In some really cool news to come out this weekend, Google has announced that you will soon be able to pre-register for apps. You will be allowed to pre-register starting with Terminator Genisys: Revolution, which is a mobile game developed by Glu.


What will happen is that you can go into the Google Play store, click on “pre-register” and then you will be notified on your phone when that app is released on the Google Play store. This is huge because a developer will be able to put a placeholder page in Google Play, see how many people are signing up for the notification, and that can help them gauge interest in their app before it is officially released. A developer can also start using this function to help them get some headlines about their app, whether it’s a game or functional app, before it is released.

In terms of gaming, this is going to benefit the Android gaming community on a large front, since you will be able to just sign up for the notification, and then wait for it to pop up on your phone that it is ready if you want to download it. If you are into gaming, you will be able to just hit the sign up button and then not have to worry about keeping track of when the game comes out. This will also allow you to browse and look through the upcoming games, add what you want to your list, and this can also ensure you get the downloads to the very latest games as soon as they come out.

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Jeanne Rose
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