Is The Surface Pro 4 Coming This Month?

It’s been months since the Surface Pro 3 was released and many want to know when the next one is coming out.

Microsoft just revealed its Surface 3 laplet but that is not enough for some. Fans already want to get their hands on a Surface Pro 4. The majority of them had their hearts crushed when they did not see the device at the Build conference just a few days ago. Now, there are rumors all over the place on when this anticipated piece of technology is set to come out.

Christian Times believes that the device could be released as soon as next week, around May 20. This kind of confirms the rumors coming from Slash Gear, in which they said that the Surface Pro 4 would be released around this time.

Not Coming Out Yet?

There are a few other sites that say it’s coming out later. One of them is International Business Times, which said that the release would likely be in July since it is believed that the new laplet would come out during the showcasing of the Windows 10.

MicrosoftKeep in mind that The Verge has confirmed that the new Windows 10 will be revealed this July. They backed this information up with what AMD president and CEO Lisa Su said: “With the Windows 10 launch at the end of July, we are watching sort of the impact of that on the back-to-school season, and expect that it might have a bit of a delay to the normal back-to-school season inventory build-up.”

Different Date and Specs

Inquisitr has a different date. They say the release will probably be in another month, and added that it is likely that the next Microsoft Surface Pro laplet would come out this October. It cited as source industry analyst Paul Mueller. “The Surface Pro 3 is selling just as well as it did when it first came out. Even though people expected a June or July release for the Pro 4, it probably won’t happen until Windows 10 is released. That way, Microsoft could capitalize on both Windows 10 and the new Surface Pro at the same time,” Mueller was quoted as saying.

The Motley Fool site has a little more info on the device. They predicted earlier that the new device would just be an “enhanced version” of the Surface Pro 3, saying that the only difference would be in its processor. They also published a report saying that there is a chance that the  laplet would be LTE-capable. The BGR site, also revealed different info from the rest. Their post said that the Surface Pro 4 is expected to be available in two size options, one with a 12 and another with a 14 inch display. The new laplet is said to have a powerful Intel Core i5 processor or a Core i7 processor. Its RAM will be better than most PCs out there with 16 GB. We don’t know if all of this is true, but that’s all we have right now since Microsoft has not confirmed any reports or rumors coming from these sites.

Will Microsoft actually release it this month?