Rdio Debuts New $4 Music Streaming Option

Rdio's new streaming tier costs just $4 a month, and offers unlimited radio streaming and 25 daily "favorite" songs for offline use.

The music streaming industry’s going rate is $10 a month for music streaming, but it looks like Rdio aims to undercut rivals with its new $4 per month more limited streaming tier.

The new streaming option will allow users to play unlimited Pandora-like radio in 320 Kbps high quality, on desktop or mobile. Users can also select a list of 25 favorite songs for on-demand playing or download for offline use on PCs or mobile devices, although it can only get 25 edits per day. In addition to radio and user-selected playlists, customers will be able to listen to pre-set 10 song playlists in various categories.

While Rdio still allows customers to sign up for its standard $10 per month plan, which has the industry standard unlimited on demand music streaming, it hopes to undercut rivals with its new, cheaper tier. “We’re excited to reach a new group of price sensitive music subscribers with Rdio Select and have designed the service to appeal to a wide audience,” said Rdio CEO Anthony Bay in a statement.

Some of you may think this sounds familiar to Rhapsody’s UnRadio service that was launched nearly a year ago. Both let listeners pick 25 favorite songs to listen to whenever they like, and feature Pandora-like radio stations with unlimited skips and no ads.

Rhapsody UnRadio vary on price a little bit, with UnRadio being $4.99 a month versus the $3.99 per month for Rdio Select. UnRadio is available for $3.99 for T-Mobile subscribers, or free for T-Mobile users on an unlimited data plan.

In addition to the pricing, there are some minor nuances that some users will be frustrated with in Rhapsody’s offering. While UnRadio lets you select 25 favorite tracks, you can’t search by track name or favorite a song on a mobile device. This can only be done on a computer.

Rdio is certainly pushing its new Select service as a compliment to its free and $10 tiers. Rdio believes that the service’s ability to download songs to your collection no matter where you find them is what sets it apart from UnRadio. “This true on-demand capability is what makes the tier unique relative to other similarly-priced products,” the company said.

Rhapsody’s service is available with a 60 day free trial for select, and is launching in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa at first. It works on iOS and Android, plus other devices like Chromecast, Roku, and Sonos.

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