Three Cups of Coffee Decreases Erectile Dysfunction Risk

In a new study, which was published in PLOS ONE, researchers found that men who drink two or three cups of coffee each day have about a 40 percent less chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The study noted that you do not have to drink coffee to get the amount of caffeine needed to help reduce erectile dysfunction, just as long as you are consuming products equivalent to the amount of caffeine in about three cups of coffee.


The researchers surveyed 3,724 men who were over the age of 20, and the questions in the survey included questions about caffeine consumption and if the men experienced erectile dysfunction. The questions in the survey included caffeine that came from tea, soda, and sports drinks, as well as coffee. The survey showed that the men who drank 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine each day had a 42 percent less likely chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The men who consumed 171 to 303 milligrams of caffeine each day were about 39 percent less likely to develop erectile dysfunction. The researchers were comparing the men with a group of men who consumed 0 to 7 milligrams of caffeine each day.

In terms of how caffeine works, it causes the helicine arteries and the cavernous smooth muscle in the penis to relax. When these two parts of the body relax, it helps increase the blood flow to and through the penis, which is what the researchers were focusing on in terms of gathering the data. There are a lot of different indicators in terms of which groups of men will get erectile dysfunction. This data did help men with some of the indicators, however the study trend did not work for all of the men with indicators of potential risk for erectile dysfunction.

Men who were obese, overweight and hypertensive did see a reduction in the amount of times they experienced erectile dysfunction with the two to three cups of coffee each day. The men that this research did not help was the men with diabetes, because it is one of the strongest and worst risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Most of the men who have erectile dysfunction due to diabetes have a lot of medical complications, so these results were not very surprising to the researchers. A lot of men who have diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, have to take medications like Viagra in order to help keep the penis hard. For other groups of men who have a potential for erectile dysfunction though, the study shows promising results in how men can help reduce the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. While the amount of caffeine might not make erectile dysfunction go away completely, it will help reduce the number of times the man will experience erectile dysfunction overall.

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