Sunday, February 5, 2023

WWE SuperCard Giving 300 Free Credits This Weekend

If you are a fan of WWE SuperCard, then you need to login to the game, because this weekend only, you can earn 300 free credits. Cat Daddy Games and 2K are doing a promotion, where you just have to login to the game in order to get the free credits.


This is part of a promotion for the upcoming pay-per-view event, and just simply load up the game to get your 300 free credits. This is a great promotion because you don’t need to play the game to earn the credits, and as long as you have downloaded the game and simply login just once this weekend, you will get the 300 credits to help you out. You can use these credits for anything in the game, since it is added to your account it also does not expire, and that makes it fun and useful for everyone playing the game.

The game recently added daily login bonuses as well, which is another way you can gain an advantage in your quest as long as you login to claim your credits. If there is a big event in WWE coming up, the weekend before is usually filled with bonus credits and other freebies, so you always want to load up your WWE games shortly before a big event, especially the weekend before a pay-per-view event. You might also see some new cards and rare items coming up as part of Wrestlemania events, so keep your eyes peeled for even more freebies from WWE SuperCard and your other WWE games, even console games have promotions every once in a while.

Jeanne Rose
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