E3 Is Three Days Away!

E3 is only three days away from returning and every company is ready to show the new things they got coming up.

The event will kick off with a new addition, the PC Gaming Show. This is the first year that a full conference is dedicated to several games. The demos are usually located around the whole place, but this time it will be different.

With the new conference addition, many companies will take the stage and show off their new games. One ofPS4, Xbox One, Wii U the many will be Blizzard. Most fans are waiting to see their first new franchise in 17 years, Overwatch. The shooter made noise last year when it was first announced by them and could make some more when the event gets started.


We’ll now talk about Microsoft. The company, which is in a battle with Sony, is trying to come up with some exclusive first party titles to keep players on their console.

They’ve started the process by making Rise of the Tomb Raider an exclusive. With that already confirmed, we can expect to see a lot of details on this game. The sequel is set to be released in December, which means that the company will probably have a demo or gameplay ready for fans.

Gears of War is also joining the action after a tweet posted by the company. Will fans get the remastered collection or a brand new game?

Two months ago, Xbox Head Phil Spencer tweeted that the company “should have some new exclusive IP” to share as well. So we will probably see some first party games from them.

But don’t get hyped just yet, Microsoft has done this in the past with games like Phantom Dust. This one was recently taken away from the developer and its status is unknown.

Some exclusives like Quantum Break and Scalebound will not be featured at the big event this year. We know that Halo 5: Guardians will be a seller when it hits stores but the company needs more than just one game to catch the attention of those still trying to decide between PS4 and Xbox.


We’ll now move on to Sony, where things are a little different. They are heading to the event with games that some gamers have already heard of, like No Man’s Sky. The exclusive indie title is catching the attention of many. We’ll probably get more on that when the event opens its doors.

They also have news on one of their biggest games coming out soon, Uncharted: A Thief’s End. Fans want to see more on the upcoming release but might get some on the previous ones too, there are rumors out there saying that a remastered collection is coming to PS4.


Last but not least, we have Nintendo. They will probably take it easy this time around and not drop as much announcements as they did in the 2014 event.

They will probably focus on Mario Maker, which is a game that lets you build your own levels and Star Fox’s move to the Wii U. Not much else is known except for the fact that The Legend of Zelda Wii U won’t be making the event.

Want more? Big third party developers will also be holding their own conferences at E3. Bethesda will probably talk about Fallout 4 and the accidental announcement of Dishonored 4. Square Enix will join in with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided along with some unknown titles.

A giant will also bring back a popular game from the last generation of consoles. EA’s Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is set to make an appearance. To conclude with, Ubisoft will provide us with more Tom Clancy. This time with Rainbow Six: Siege and The Division.