Hot Pockets Now Only Naturally Flavored

By the end of 2015, Nestle promises to remove the artificial flavorings found in Hot Pockets, and also vows to cut the sodium by 10 percent. It’s not just Hot Pockets that are getting this makeover either, California Pizza, Lean Pockets, Tombstone, Jack’s, and DiGiorno are also going to see both changes by the end of the year.


In total, 250 different products made by Nestle under these brands are going to be impacted by the healthy changes. The company is promising that the tastes you have come to love from all of the products will still be the same, but that it is pledging to improve overall ingredient quality and nutritional profiles of the products. The company has not said what new ingredients will be added to the foods or what natural ingredients will be added, but in the next few months this information will more than likely be coming out in the near future.

Nestle has been hit by various groups in terms of trying to get the company to change their nutritional profile and quality of its food, especially hard-to-pronounce additives that are in the processed foods. Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, Tyson, Panera Bread, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts have also all recently claimed to be changing to more natural ingredients. Nestle is also looking to start educating customers about its products by adding information on the package about portion sizes, and the company wants customers to add more vegetables and fruits into their diets.

There is a huge push for more processed foods to become natural and to get rid of the massive amounts of salts that are found in these products, because sodium is linked to high blood pressure, and that is leading to more health problems and deaths than ever before. The more health-conscious people become in terms of the ingredients in these types of foods, the less likely they are to sell, which means companies are having to change to the consumers demands and wants in order to keep selling product.

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Jeanne Rose
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