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‘Mortal Kombat X’ Mobile Cheats, Tricks, and Tips You Need to Know

If you’re looking to play Mortal Kombat X on a mobile device, here are some links to get you started. Click here for the iOs version, and here for the Android version.

The Basics

Mortal Kombat X allows you to create a squad of three fighters and travel through various towers. You will chain together combos by tapping and holding your screen in order to defeat the enemies that challenge you.

Even when the opponent is blocking, a three hit combo will still deal damage. We advise you to land all three hits whenever possible. For the 4th strike of the combo, you will need to pay attention and look out for it when it appears on the screen. It will require you to swipe in the direction it commands to complete the full combo.

When you receive a special move, hold out on using it until the opponent is recovering from the floor. Another efficient way to use this is to use it as a combo finisher. Using a special move at the right time can swing the outcome of the game.

Smart Drafting

The game offers you various character types, making a huge amount of possibilities when it comes to team drafting. Some character types include Martial Artist, Spec Ops, Oni, Outworld, and Saurian. Making a strong team will require some planning and creating the most synergy between characters.

Some cards gift a certain character type attack power and other traits that will boost their strength. For instance, the Shirai Ryu card works well with the Martial Arts type because it grants all Martial Artists +5 percent attack power. Although this may seem like a small advantage, this strategy will increase the chemistry on your team.

Revisit Old Stages for EXP

As you progress through the game, you will notice that you aren’t able to easily clear towers like before. This could occur at the 3rd tower, when you might encounter some Silver tier enemies. They could easily destroy your team of Bronze fighters fairly quickly, even if you block the whole time.

When this happens DON’T LOSE HOPE! The best way to improve your team is by replaying old stages and strengthening your characters. However, do not do this on the new tower because it will clear all the progress you just made.

Spending Koins on Support Cards

Koins can be used to purchase support cards. These cards can improve the characters they are applied to. However, make sure to analyze each support card and see if that particular boost will help your character type.

Some characters come with their own support cards, and you can look at a character to see what you can purchase. You are also able to join together two support cards of the same type to make the main one more powerful.

Buying Souls

Various fighters you are able to purchase in Mortal Kombat X (mobile version)

If you’re looking to spend some real money on the game, then buying Souls will be the best bang for your buck. This green currency is fairly hard to get in-game and can be used to collect Gold tier characters! You can also spend Souls on a Kombat Pack, which grants you with two random cards and a random Gold tier character.

This type of currency unlocks the best features in the game, and can definitely improve your collection.

Some players have noted that if you’re looking to seriously get into this game, you will have to spend some real cash.

Improving the Squad

When you first start the game, you will be awarded with Bronze tier fighters. These will most likely get you through the first two towers of the game. However, once you begin facing Silver tier characters your Bronze tier team will probably get demolished.

You should have a combination of Bronze tier teams to play with. Once you unlock a Silver-tier character, swap it with two other Bronze fighters. Then from there, you will have a strong team that is consistent and improved. 

The characters seen in the console version of this game are what make up most of the Silver tier. This includes your typical Reptile, Kano, Sub-Zero, and many other infamous characters. The only downside to these awesome fighters is their cost(Ex: Scorpion goes for 50,000 Koins in the shop). You will either have to drop some real money into the game, or grind already finished towers for Koins.

Once you finally get your first Silver-tier fighter you should spend your Koins on improving their special moves, equipping them with items, and buying the best Support cards for them.

The Daily Reward

Beware! Playing this mobile fighter can become very addictive! But don’t fear. If you play the game everyday, you are rewarded with a free gift.

Also, Daily Events allow you to gain more free stuff while you’re at it! These include beating a bronze, silver, or gold tier teams. If you will be grinding EXP and Koins on already defeated towers, it would be efficient to add this to the list.

Participate in Faction Wars

The mobile version of this game replicates the console version quite precisely. You will be able to participate in Faction Wars, which is an interesting feature of the game.

These wars consist of clans attempting to reach their contribution cap first. A player can choose which clan to join, and through their playing of the game, can contribute points to their faction. One incentive in joining this War is the special unlocks it comes with. These might even include costumes for the console version of Mortal Kombat X.



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