Motorola Moto 360 2 Watch Release Date, Camera Rumors

It looks like Google and Lenovo are taking their time with the second generation of the watch. Fans were waiting for an announcement at Google’s developer conference but the event left them without any details.

Android Wear just came out with a new update but it needs to come up with new hardware. The LG Watch Urbane is out there but that’s not enough, a new watch needs to hit the market.

The original Moto 360 was solid but far from perfect. The watch did have some success with the cool round design, details and great quality that made other watch makers copy some of their ideas. The company now has to follow up with a second generation of the watch and keep building on the success of the first one.

Here are some rumors about the new watch that have been going around the internet:

Moto 360 2 Coming This Summer?

Motorola, which was part of Google but is now owned by Lenovo, chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing has been revealing details on the new Moto products in Beijing. He told The Telegraph to expect “some very exciting products, including phones and watches” this summer. So according to him, the watch will be out around September.


The first watch came to the market and dazzled because of its modern look. The big display and tiny bezels made it a popular product, but the internet is saying that the new version will have a fully circular screen and bigger bezels.

Motorola was the first company to release a round smartwatch, but its look was quickly beaten by the fully circular LG G Watch R. With its second watch, the company could end up taking the top spot once again, if they do what the market is asking for.

Higher Resolution Screen

Those who bought the first watch did have some things to say about the screen. Customers quickly noticed the difference between displays, the Moto 360 has a lower resolution than most. Rumors say that a 360 x 360 display on the Moto 360 2 which, depending on the exact size of the screen, will match the latest premium Android Wear watch, the LG Watch Urbane.

Fans would also like to see an improvement in battery life and processing, which is a must because the previous version was behind its rivals in that category.

Size and Customization

Moto 360 2A Motorola executive, Adrienne Hayes, SVP of global marketing, confirmed that the new Moto 360 2 will be smaller than the first version. No one is sure if she meant in diameter, thinner or as small as the Apple Watch, but that will probably be revealed soon. The executive, who spoke with Android Pit, said that anyone who thought the first version was too big, would be happy with the second one.

The customization will also be key and rumors out there are saying that the watch will come in two different size models. The gold finish is also set to return for this version. Gleb Mishin, the vice president of Lenovo’s Eastern Europe division, revealed that the next version would have a “modified design” and would be “more beautiful and more like a clock.”


In the first version, it was tough to switch the straps, but now that rivals have made it easier on their watches, the company will look to improve on this category. TechnoBuffalo reported that it will be easier this time around, so you can suit your style with the many options the company has, such as stainless steel and leather.

Do you own the first one? Do you plan on getting the second version? Let us know in the comments section.


  1. I had a moto 360 and loved it… For the most part. It is a very “beta” feeling device. The display, when using ambiant display option, only lasted about 8 hours (with minimal use). The flat tire at the bottom of the screen was annoying. While I understand why it was there, it really was unacceptable for a premium device. And I had to return it because I put a steel mesh band on it and it cracked the back of the watch.

    I had a feeling there was a big price drop coming so I listed it on eBay, got $189 for it. The. It dropped to $150 the next week. I really want another one, but the Urbane is really bulky. The G watch R is a little more on the sporty side. The Asus Zen watch already has a refresh coming, not to mention I really like the round look. I’m just saving the money and will probably buy the next Android wear round device as soon as it hits the market. I hope its the moto 360, but if not Motorola really has had plenty if time to release their refresh.

    At the very least they need to lose the flat tire and give us an OLED display to help with batter life. Upgrade to a current CPU, and redesign how the band attsches to the device.