Ordering Breast Milk Online? It Comes With Serious Health Risks

There is a growing trend online among fitness communities and people with chronic diseases, which is buying breast milk online, and also drinking the breast milk. British experts are warning however, this new craze is coming with some serious health risks. Specialists wrote in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine that there is hardly any evidence to support claims that the breast milk is a super food, which is said to have boosted health and fitness levels, metabolism, and also ward off many diseases.

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The breast milk market is become pretty lucrative these days, with a lot of adults going online trading breast milk for money or other things. At first thought, you would think this breast milk would be used on infants, maybe if the mother could not produce the breast milk herself but didn’t want to use bottle formula, but no, this is a whole different can of worms. The breast milk market that is circulating online involves simply adults, who want to purchase the breast milk for their own adult consumption. The claims range from helping you lose weight, to boosting your energy and performance, and even claims of keeping you safe from many diseases. There are even claims that drinking the breast milk helps you ward off erectile dysfunction and cancer, but these have no clinical basis the experts said.

Experts say, ironically, instead of warding off diseases, drinking the breast milk is putting you at great risk for contracting diseases. The raw unpasteurized breast milk from humans, specifically when purchased through these online markets, could be havens for many diseases, since you do not know the person you are buying the breast milk from. While it seems like common knowledge, a lot of people are forgetting how breast milk often times contains infectious diseases that the mother has, which should be obvious since anything the woman consumes goes straight into the breast milk. Some of the most common diseases that you could be contracting from drinking this breast milk include HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis.

There have been no scientific studies that have said adult consumption of human breast milk helps ward off diseases or contains any medicinal properties. There is basically nothing to the breast milk craze except the placebo effect, and the human breast milk has less protein in it than cow’s milk. If you are using human breast milk to replace cow’s milk, then that is hazardous to your health because it does not have any of the same health benefits in it that the milk from a cow has. If women are not sanitizing properly or sterilizing the equipment properly when producing the breast milk, then there is a risk of bacterial food-borne illnesses. Women also have to be careful when storing and transporting the milk, since prolonged storage or transportation can also increase the risks of food-borne illnesses.

While it is true that you can test the breast milk during pregnancy for viruses, often times women do not realize this testing needs to be done periodically to ensure the milk is still disease-free. If you see a woman advertising online their milk had been tested during the pregnancy, that is simply not often enough, because the milk screenings need to be done on a regular basis, even after the baby is born and milk is still being produced. This is due to the fact that having sex or participating in other activities can end up putting viruses unknowingly into the woman’s body, which then gets passed into the breast milk.

Experts are warning both men and women that buying the breast milk online is simply not a good idea, because you are putting your health at risk for nothing. The studies do not back up the data that this is beneficial, and replacing your normal milk with human breast milk depletes you from the essential vitamins and minerals you need for your body. You might think you are being healthy buying and selling breast milk online, but really, you are putting yourself at risk, and also your significant other since diseases can be transmitted sexually if you wind up with a disease like HIV because you consumed milk from some stranger online.

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