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What Happened To Mike Myers & What is He Up To Now in 2018?

Everybody knows Mike Myers. Whether it’s from his early success as hilarious metal-head Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World, his pitch-perfect Scottish accent in Shrek, or his gut-busting roles in the Austin Powers trilogy (which he both wrote and starred in) as Austin Powers and his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil, among others, Mike Myers is one of the most famous comedy actors of all time. So, you might be wondering, where is he, and what is he up to in 2015?

mike-myers-primeMike Myers was born in Ontario, Canada, and became involved in acting at the ripe young age of two years old. By the age of ten had his heart set on becoming an actor. After graduating high school in 1982, Mike became involved in theatre and improv comedy, and even moved to London to found an improv comedy troupe, which he called “The Comedy Store Players.” He returned to Toronto in 1986 and by 1989 had joined the regular cast of Saturday Night Live.

In the 90s, it seemed as if Mike Myers was everywhere you turned. Wayne’s World, a full-length feature film based on his Saturday Night Live character Wayne Campbell, was a huge hit when it was released in 1992, and is still fondly remembered as one of the greatest comedies of all time. He followed up that early success with frequent appearances in SNL, a Wayne’s World sequel, and then, finally, the enormously popular Austin Powers trilogy.

By the time Shrek and Austin Powers: Goldmember rolled around in the early 2000s, it seemed as if Mike’s future in Hollywood comedy was set in stone. Part of what made him so popular was his diversity: over the course of the three Austin Powers movies, he not only portrayed Austin Powers, the hero of the film, but Dr. Evil, Austin’s enemy, as well! On top of that, he played Fat Bastard and Goldmember. Keep in mind, this was also a film that he wrote. It seemed as if there was no limit to his creativity and talent.

So what happened to him? Shrek 2 came out in 2004 and then… not much else. A string of poorly received Shrek sequels, some TV specials,  and some cameo appearances as Wayne characterized much of his post-Goldmember years, and each one was less funny and less memorable than the last.

Besides a seriously wonderful cameo in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Bastards and a seriously awful turn in The Love Guru, what has Mike been up to?

He got divorced from his wife Robin Ruzan after twelve years of marriage in 2005, and then began dating a cafe owner named Kelly Tisdale in 2006. They kept their relationship private and out of the public eye, getting secretly married in 2010 after four years of dating. The couple has two children together: Spike Alan and Sunday Molly.mike-myers-now-2015

In a bit of an unforeseen twist, Mike is also an avid Dungeons & Dragons player! in 2006 he participated in Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day. He also keeps himself busy by playing soccer for charity for Hollywood United Football Club, a celebrity team.

It seems as if he’s just enjoying a low-key home life, after his whirlwind of success in the 90s and early 2000s. When a celebrity goes so far as to keep their marriage secret from the press you can rest assured that they’re probably pretty bored of publicity. However, comedy fans rejoice, because in January of this year, he signed a two-year contract with television network HBO! The details of the deal haven’t been made public yet, but HBO has said that they’re “tremendously” excited to work with him. Here’s to the return of Mike Myers!'
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  1. Welcome back to the big screen Mike!! Been waiting & hoping that you’d return one day. Austin Powers 4……Yeah Baby Yeah!!! Also hoping to see Waynes World 3??

  2. im also told, by friends who have worked on set with him, that hes prone to being a major jerk to people on set..wouldnt shock me since i in person watched Eddy Murphy push a 7yo girl down for daring to ask for his autograph..

    i love him in movies and such but…duno that i would want to work with the man…

    • I heard the exact same thing that he was one of those difficult actors to work with and he is an jerk, so probably because of that Hollywood didn’t want to deal with him.

      • Everyone in Hollywood is an jerk once they get a certain level of fame. What happens in Hollywood is if you don’t follow orders, jump when studio execs say jump, they either shoot you down with a frame up public scandal or just refuse to give you work again.

  3. What happened to Mike Myers? Let me tell you. He always had marginal talent, but success made his ego grow out of all bounds and he became an insufferable jerk. He burned too many bridges in Hollywood by being a huge prick, and his career dried up. Any questions?


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