Badly Decomposed Body Found in St. Paul Park

In some unsettling news coming out of St. Paul, MN, tonight, a body has been pulled from the Mississippi River. Authorities said that the body, which was badly decomposed, was found in St. Paul Park this morning. Commander Cheri Dexter of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the body was found on a side channel south of the Hidden Harbor Marina.

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According to Dexter, the body was fairly badly decomposed, which leads them to believe it has been in the water for at least a year. Police have not said whether it appeared foul play was involved or whether that can be determined from the condition of the body. The body was so badly decomposed that the authorities could not even say whether the body was of a man or a woman. Three Minnesota Department of Natural Resources research biologists happened to find the badly decomposed body this morning while studying the invasive Asian carp that has been inhabiting the Mississippi River. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office has now been called out to take care of the body. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office will be the agency in charge of determining the identification of the decomposed body, which first starts off by trying to figure out the gender of the person.

Once the gender of the decomposed body is discovered by the coroner, then the coroner will have to approximate the age of the person by looking at the bones and bone structures. There will then be searches in the police database in order to figure out if any missing persons of that gender and age have been reported missing within the last year, and if any identifying features stand out that could also help determine the person’s identification, such as if any tattoos are present or any bone problems that could be linked to a specific person. The only information that Dexter has related to who the person might be is that in her personal opinion, she did not believe it was someone missing from Washington County, although that is pure speculation on her part as of right now.

If anyone does have a missing relative that is in or around the area, it is advised you call Washington County law enforcement, since right now any leads about who this person might be are needed. It is not known if the body is in good enough shape to make a sketch drawing of what this person looked like, but if that is something that can be done, it will likely be given out to the public within the next few weeks, if not days.