Kobe At Power Forward?

The team is thinking about it.

After the addition of young talent and veterans like Lou Williams, the Lakers used their summer league games to see what they could do to make their offense better, even if that meant moving Kobe Bryant to power forward at times.

Coach Byron Scott told NBA.com it’s possible that the veteran shooting guard could spend time at power forward. “If we don’t get another guard, then Kobe’s in that mix,” Scott said of a potential switch. “I’m kind of going Kobe Bryantthrough those scenarios. But not necessarily as far as who’s starting and who doesn’t. … I think Bryant will play more 3 than 2. If we can get him at the elbows and at the mid-post, the more effective he’ll be.

“I don’t think he needs to be using up the whole 94-foot floor. If we can cut that down some, I think that saves his legs as much as possible. But if we can get him where he operates best, which to me is elbows on each area, top of the key, at the pinch post, at the mid-post, then I think he can be real effective for us.”

Russell and Clarkson

No. 2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson played a lot of minutes together in Las Vegas, and Russell liked the partnership. “He seems like an easy guy to play with,” Russell told ESPN.com. “He’s a fast-paced guard, very up-tempo, and I’m the same. I’m not as light and fast as him, but I try to pass and keep it that way.”

Scott said the draft selections and free agent signings were done to make the team more versatile. He believes the moves have paid off and that they are one. “Kobe can play 1, 2 and 3,” Scott told NBA.com. “There’s no doubt in my mind. And there’s some games, against some teams, where he’ll probably play 4. With his tenaciousness, the way he guards people and when his mind is set, if I say, ‘Kobe, you’ve got him,’ he takes that as a challenge. You know how he is. He’ll compete.”


The five time NBA champion is getting ready to come back to the court after suffering a rotator cuff tear on January of this year, which left him out for the rest of the season. The 36 year old shooting guard has been slowed down by injuries the last two years and has been missed by the Lakers, who struggled last season and the year before.

The team has added Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and other veterans to try to get back in the playoffs in the tough Western Conference. The Lakers finished last season with a 21-61 record and were 9-43 against the conference.