Petition for Reddit CEO Ellen Pao’s Resignation Reaches 130K Signatures

The petition for Ellen Pao's resignation has reached 130,000 signatures, and the lack of trust is growing.

The Uproar

A petition for the resignation of Ellen Pao has recently grown to 130,000 signatures on Pao is the CEO of Reddit, a news content sharing website.

The appeal was created on Friday, and gained 16,000 supporters the first day. In just two days, it would grow exponentially, reaching 130,000 supporters.

The petition explains the absence of trust in Pao’s abilities to run the site. It also stated that the communication between the Reddit admins and the moderators on the site “is very lacking and rather unsettling,” especially after the admins “years of empty promises to the moderators.”


The online petition was created after the removal of an important administrator on Reddit. Victoria Taylor was a key component in the /r/IAmA process, and her removal was the main cause of the Reddit “blackout”. The IAmA, also known as the Ask Me Anything, is a place where celebrities and well-known people are able to answer Reddit user’s questions. Taylor was responsible for being able to get Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates on the site.

Moderators began a protest by making their subreddits private. Main subreddits such as /r/gaming, /r/AskReddit, /r/history, /r/art, /r/IAmA as well as many others followed the movement.

Users believe that Pao is supporting “a new age of censorship” and will eventually “run Reddit into the ground.”

“…the vast majority of Reddit users are uninterested in what unfolded over the past 48 hours.” -Ellen Pao, Reddit CEO

Pao had taken part in an interview with the New York Times a day after the blackout. In this interview, she shared her thoughts on Reddit users protesting, and also apologized for the company’s actions.

She stated that “the vast majority of Reddit users are uninterested in what unfolded over the past 48 hours.”

“I’m sorry we let our community down yesterday…We should have informed our community moderators about the transition and worked through it with them.” Pao also said.

The petition has apparently no effect on Ms. Pao however. The calls for her to resign from her position “did not faze her.” The Reddit community is still promoting this petition, and it can be found here.