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Pirate Kings Cheats, Tips, and Tricks 2018

If you came here looking for tips for Pirate Kings, you are definitely in luck my friend! We recently updated our list of cheats and hacks for Pirate Kings in 2017! Check out all the tips and tricks below:

pirate-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-1When in doubt, hook up your social media to your game.

As with a lot of games out there these days, connecting up your game to your Facebook account is an absolute must for a variety of different reasons. In Pirate Kings, one of the biggest favors you can do yourself is linking up your Facebook account to your game, thins is due to the fact that a lot of what you do in Pirate Kings requires you to play with your friends, essentially turning the game into a multiplayer game. So if you don’t connect with your Facebook or have at least twenty friends via game center, you’ll just end up playing with the same collection of computer players over and over again, which as you can imagine would get incredibly boring very quickly. The fun things about this game are getting to loot places and steal stuff from a lot of people, if you don’t have a lot of people, you run out of things to do really quickly. You’re also faced with the dilemma of being unable to make a lot of progress when it comes to dominating the other islands, on your own things move really slowly because you lack the help of your friends, whereas if you have more way to get the resources you need such as gold, you will be able to upgrade you ship, meaning that you’ll be able to take over other islands a whole lot quicker.

Keep up to date with the latest news on the Facebook page.

In this day and age, everyone and their mother needs a Facebook page, this is no exception for games. If you type in Pirate Kings in the search bar on Facebook, it will take you to the Pirate Kings Facebook page where you’ll be able to like it and get updates about what is going on. Pay attention to this page as they will occasionally post news about the latest updates dues to be releases and they also announce competitions, new sales in the in app purchase store and even share sneak peeks about upcoming content. So do yourself a favor and get yourself in the know about everything that is going on in the Pirate Kings world and like their Facebook page!

Make sure you’re regularly spinning the wheel!pirate-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-3

When playing Pirate Kings, you need to ensure that you are maximizing the potential opportunities to make as much gold as you can do, and the best way of lazily doing this is by spinning the wheel as many times as the game will allow you to do so every hour. In addition to this there is also a playable bonus mini game that you can try to make up a little more extra cash, this can be played once per day, so you’ll definitely want to try it out in order to really be raking in those extra pieces of gold. When it comes down to it, in the game, the main goal is to collect up as much gold as you absolutely can, the more money you’re able to collect, that faster you’ll be able to upgrade your ship, equaling in the faster domination of islands. Since the main thing you will own in this game will be your ship, you need to put a lot of focus on building it up as much as you can, getting it upgrading as high as possible, this will help you on when raiding and battling. When spinning the wheel, you’ll also notice that there are attack options and stealing options, so as you can tell, there are still other ways to make gold besides your hourly wheel spins. Since there are so many different items and structures, it’s easy to lose track of exactly what you ought to be doing, but ultimately it all comes down to the development of your ship and making it as strong as possible.

Unlock as many islands as possible.

When playing Pirate Kings, you’ll progress at a pretty easy rate, unlocking islands as you go along, but this might not be happening as quickly as you would like, the faster you unlock and dominate the islands, the quicker you are declare the pirate king! There are a very wide range of islands within the game, all of which can help you out when it comes to making gold and items. Each island you play on has a treasure that is unique to that specific island; there are also island specific battles in addition to this, so you have plenty to do as long as you gave available islands. You might notice some rare islands are only available on particular islands whilst not on others, so always make sure you are continuously exploring so you are able to collect as many different items as possible without missing out. the more battles you find yourself in means the more chances you have to earn gold and other special items. Also, don’t forget that the majority of items within the game all have varying skills and effects, so try to collect as many as you possibly can so that your skillset end up being a wide range. All of this will help contribute towards the ultimate domination of the game.

It’s okay to take a break!

pirate-kings-cheats-tips-tricks-2Once you really get into the game, it’s easy to just keep on playing and playing, but if you find yourself against a wall it’s okay to take a break from the action part of the game, go back over places you’ve previously visited and collect up some more items and gold. This is also a good approach if you find that you lack resources and needed to take a breather anyway. You don’t always need to completely concentrate on moving forward in the game, you can still explore places you visited before, play around with improving your ship and various other things.

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